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A Christmas Story

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A Christmas Story

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"Mommy, I really want that new Barbie doll for Christmas."

"I know sweetheart, but Santa might not be coming this year."

"Why not? I made sure that I was good all year long so that he wouldn't skip our house like he did last year."

"Well, the truth is..."


(Mother mumbles) "I hope I can afford it...."

"What did you say, mommy?"

"Oh, nothing, nevermind."

"I think that this will be the best Christmas ever!"

"I hope so, honey."

"Mommy, when is daddy coming home?"

"I told you that daddy isn't coming home!"

"But mommy..."

"I told you that your dad isn't going to be here, and I meant it!"

"But you said--"

"That was a long time ago! Go away, can't you see I'm busy?"


"Hurry up and go wash up for supper."

"What are we having?"

"Chicken soup."

"But we had that last night!"

"I don't care if you had it last night, we are having it tonight!"

"Mommy, what's wrong? You seem upset."

"Upset? I am PAST upset..."

"Why? What happened? What went wrong?"

"EVERYTHING! Nevermind, you won't understand. Go wash up."

While the child is washing up, the mother groans. "First I lose my job, then I get home and find that my husband is missing, and I have bills to pay..."

"I'm here mommy."

The two sit down to eat:

"This chair is wobbly."

"Well, you will have to live with it for the next couple months, or start sitting on the floor."

"Mommy, don't be silly. (long pause) Can I call Cassy?"

"No sweety, the phone is disconnected."

"Why would our phone be disconnected? They only do that to people who don't pay the bills."

"There's my point."

"Mommy, just cuz it's Christmas, doesn't give you the right to joke around."

After supper: "Mommy. Our TV doesn't work."

"I will try and fix it tomorrow. You go up to your room and get the mattress on the floor ready. I will try and see about getting you a bed."



That is a bit of an exaggeration of a Christmas story, but it does happen to some of us. Let us hope that we all give thanks this Christmas for the feast we may eat, the computers we have to play on, the roof over our heads, and the family that we may celebrate with. If this is not all possible, let us hope that it will be in the near future.

~* This is SwtChick and I'm out... *~


Editor's Note: Count your blessings, folks. Many of us -- citizens and city workers -- know from personal experience that this story is no exaggeration for some folks. Happy holidays to all of you, and may all your new years be better than your old ones.



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