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Get This Party Started

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Get This Party Started
Dancinchk and Alicia take pics of the cold front!

Dancinchk and Alicia
Times Photographers

Hey Whyville, this is Dancinchk and Alicia, here to tell everyone about the snow in Whyville! This is Dancinchk's first article and hopefully not the last.

Anyway, have you been to the holiday forest?? If not, you are missing out on a lot of fun! To get to the forest you go to your bus menu or at Whyville Square beside Tiki Travels. You can make ornaments for only 10 clams and you can also play the Dreidel Game!

There's so much new stuff for the holidays -- like new projectiles! Also, we heard a rumor about something happening at Sector Y... there is a St. Bernard involved, from what we heard....

We hope you have your costume for the Masquerade Ball! Wow, there's so much happening in Whyville!

Well, here are some pictures we took at Whyville filled with snow! One of the last pictures is especially Interesting -- Dancinchk found at Grandma's people throwing snowballs at her! Poor Grandma!!

Here we have a picture especially made for City Hall! Everyone in Whyville is wishing you, City Hall, a Merry Christmas as well as thanking you for making such a wonderful area for pre-teens and teens to hang out. Thank you and may you have a very Merry Christmas.

Ever wonder why people don't hang out here?? I do. It would be such a nice hang around place if people only remembered it were here! So when the places are crowded and there's no room to breathe, come to the Race Track where the people are a need! This picture is just to show that you dont always have to hang out in the same place! Oh by the way, City Hall, I think that guy's a little cold! Before taking the picture I had to wait for him to stop complaining about how he thinks his feet are going to fall off. =)

Here's a picture taken by Dancinchk. I must say it's very well taken! Well anyway, it's a picture of our very own Whyville Forest! My, my, look at all the lovely decorations on the trees! Thanks to the people of Whyville our forest is not a very regular one! It's the brightest, most cheerful one I've ever seen!

Been to Sector Y lately? Be careful, looks like there's a lot of snow and ice there. Watch your step walking around Whyville, you never know when or where you??ll find a patch of ice!!

Be nice to Grandma!! Hasn't she helped most of you? The last thing you want to do is hurt Grandma's feelings, especially after all she's done to help you get started in Whyville.

Looks like Whyville's really excited about Christmas Break. Keep the meaning of Christmas in your hearts not only at Christmas time, but all year round. Dont forget to help those less fortunate! Let them be able to celebrate Christmas too!!

Now for those of you new to Whyville, every year a group of Whyvillians get together to take one last, yet special picture that is loved by many but most of all by one person wo helped spread the good news throughout Whyville. Yes, Times Editor, we're talking about you! Without you, Whyville would have no paper to spread the news!! Thank you!! To show our appreciation, here's a picture just for you!

City Hall, Times Editor, and all the other City Workers at Whyville, we the people of Whyville would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Love always,
The people of Whyville!


Hope you enjoyed our pictures! This is Alicia and Dancinchk signing off! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!! Good-Bye.



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