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My Whyville

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My Whyville

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I remember when I first came onto Whyville...

I was so happy to have found a place where I could hang out! But once I got on, no one talked to me except for one person. I can't remember her name anymore, but I do remember that she said hi and talked to me for a while.

We became good friends... but then my computer wouldn't let me go on for 3 months! Soon I forgot about Whyville, until one of my good friends (shmee) started talking about Whyville. Immediately I remembered my friend. I raced home and after some searching finally found my friend!

The problem was, it was her last day on Whyville. She said goodbye, sent me some clothes (back then I looked really bad) and told me a secret about being successful on Whyville. She told me I had to try.

I've seen many people on Whyville begging for money. I don't mean to be mean -- I just tell them that they should work for their money, not go begging for it! Why try to be successful on Whyville when you're a beggar? How can you possibly hope to be successful that way?

They usually get really angry with me and grab a gang of their friends and projectile me; sometimes they even hack me and make me humiliated. But I know I didn't do anything wrong. I just set them off for a better "Whyville Life".

I just wanted to tell you that Whyville is the best thing on the internet for me, and I wanted to tell you: "KEEP TRYING!"

Going to chat with my friends *AlphaGurl*



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