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Hold Onto the Spirit

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Hold Onto the Spirit

Guest Writer

Lately, the Why Pass argument has been on everyone's lips. Some people like it, some don't. Personally, I'm on both sides. I don't mind passing up some cash to save Whyville. I love it here. I can chat, play games, and Why-mail, and just have fun. If Whyville were to close, I don't know what I'd do.

But I agree with the other side as well. I can never get on Whyville anymore. Right now, for example, I'm sitting at my computer hoping I'll be able to come in.

Why don't I have a Why Pass? My parents don't want to pay money to a "chat site" when they don't even know what it's like. We all know Whyville is more than a chat site, but our parents don't, and they're not always willing to let me do whatever I want. Why don't I just use my money to buy a Pass? I'm broke! With the holiday seasons just around the corner, I've spent what precious little money I had on gifts for others. I never have money of my own. I don't get an allowance, and I'm too young to baby-sit.

After the Why Pass came into our lives, I have seen many strange happenings. I can only hope I'm seeing illusions, because this cannot be the Whyvillians I know. I have seen insults, warned people, all because of expressing their feelings on the matter. People are having huge arguments with strangers or even their best friends. Let's face it, Whyville: we all have different opinions, and we can't let that throw us apart.

Here's the main reason for my article: no matter what side you're on for this argument, don't let this tear us apart! The spirit in Whyville is unlike any other. I know we all care about each other deep down inside, and this holiday season we need that more than ever. This Christmas, Hanukah, Diwali, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate, treat everyone on Whyville and outside of Whyville kindly. Don't let the Why Pass disagreement get to you so much that you tear apart from your best friend, online mom or dad, or boyfriend because they don't agree with your opinion.

That's not what Whyville is about. It's about caring and learning, and I hope all you Whyvillians won't destroy that feeling by arguing over the Why Pass. I hope after reading this article, you understand that solving this disagreement would be solving lots of problems. I hope you understand that by disagreeing with a friend so much you refuse to talk normally with them, you're throwing away friendship; by disagreeing with a boyfriend, you're throwing away a relationship. I hope you understand that by arguing and discriminating against each other, we are throwing away the Whyville spirit.

*This is Ballet400 signing off*



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