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Dazzling Designers

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to "Dazzling Designers"! This week the designer is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! But first, I must tell you the winners to the competition. Well, I'm not wasting time . . . they were:


Anyway, this week's designer is . . . KTLee1!

KTLee1 has been a member of Whyville since December 7 2008. She has 11 Scions, and a 113 clam salary! She also owns a house and is a street team member.

Her store is called KTLee1.

Head Accessories

Ribbons, hats, headbands, why can't I choose?

Addicted to . . . Music?

Other Parts

Here are some of KTLee1's other parts.

What the Designer Thinks

I interviewed KTLee1 with the usual questions.

Mandarule: How long have you been designing for?
KTLee1: I have been designing for about a year. Practicing a lot over and over. I just randomly draw what comes to my mind. When hair comes to my mind I kind of go, "Oh no," because I need a lot more practice with that. But I'm glad I have several things people are buying that sell really well. Especially my Stairway to Heaven crown. I've sold 2200 of those.
Mandarule: Do you design on any other accounts?
KTLee1: I have one other account that I've drawn just a few simple parts on is all. This is my main account.
Mandarule: How often do you make new parts?
KTLee1: I work on parts sometimes everyday for a little while then sometimes I go three days or a week. But I enjoy drawing; it's relaxing for me and takes my mind off the stress of school and all that sometimes.
Mandarule: What is your favorite part that you have made?
KTLee1: My favorite part is my new bubblegum machine head, it's selling pretty good. But I collect bubble gum machines so I really kind of like it right now. LoL. I have 5 bubblegum machines. I also like my new 'oh my' bows that I've drawn and I love to see the different parts people have put them with.
Mandarule: Do you take inspiration for your parts from anywhere? If so, where?
KTLee1: I just draw whatever comes to mind or if I cant find a part I want like my 'oh my' bows that are big, I just try to draw the part.

Part of the Week


In this picture, which of my face parts is by KTLee1 and how much does it cost?

Have a nice day!



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