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This week I've chosen a very funny topic. The funny bone. Why in the world is it called a funny bone? It's not so funny when we hit it, not funny at all. This I am quite curious about and maybe you are too. But that my friends is what I'm here for; to make your curiousness go away . . . I think.

Maybe it feels kind of funny when you hit your funny bone, but it hurts! Being in pain isn't all that funny, in my opinion. It could just be all the mean people in the world laughing at your pain. That could be possible, people like to laugh at my pain . . . probably because I'm clumsy and the pain is usually my fault . . . but anyways . . . I first conducted a survey.

Morgan612: Why do you think the funny bone is called the funny bone?

iWafflez: Because when you hit it someone else thinks it's funny.
Sporty138: Because people find it humorous when you hit your funny bone on something. And humorous is another word for funny. Well at least I think its funny when someone hits their funny bone on something.
caligr109: Because every time I hit my funny bone, and I say, "Ow!" and everyone else laughs at me!
cutepet: Because if you hit the funny bone you get a funny feeling Duh :D

Well you all have great reasons. But I've done some research. *gasp* Yes, I actually did work. And I learned lots. I first of all learned there's a comedy club called The Funny Bone. But more importantly I learned; the funny bone isn't even a bone at all. It's a nerve. That nerve is called the ulnar nerve. It runs up and down your arm and it controls some movement in your hand and the feeling in your fourth and fifth fingers.

Of course it needs a reason to be called the funny bone. It's because of the funny feeling you get when your ulnar nerve hits your humerus bone. Your humerus bone is the bone that goes from your elbow to your shoulder. I also think it's funny that humerus is like humorous. Another thing I found in my research was a very corny joke. It's supposed to "tickle your funny bone".

What's a bone in your body that you can never break? Your funny bone!

OH HAHAHAHA. That was just HILARIOUS. Ok no.

Thank you for reading, this has been another . . . OOH LOOK! A QUICK UNFORTUNATE STORY TIME WITH ANDREW!


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