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No, I'm not advertising Netflix to you. What I'm here for is to share with you some great movies you will enjoy over the summer!

Movie #1: The Poseidon Adventure

In this amazing adventure, a family of four, Rachel, Richard, Shelby and Dylan Clarke board the S.S. Poseidon. Rachel and Richard are struggling to keep their marriage together for their kids, Shelby, who will be graduating college soon, and Dylan, an exciting pre-teen who always seems to have a video camera in his hands. The famous Hollywood producer, Jeffrey Anderson along with his newly married wife, Aimee Anderson, from France are on board as well. Mike Rogo also boards, an officer for the Department of Homeland Security undercover.

Earlier that week, a group of terrorists had been caught and killed in southern Jordan. They were planning bomb attacks on different American transportation vehicles. They had found plans for land, air, but no sea. Rogo boards to try to discover any undercover terrorists on board. He has a hunch things are going to turn out bad. His hunch it right. Two terrorists board, with some bombs disguised as kegs of beer. When the terrorists bomb the ship, causing it to flip over, will a small group of survivors be able to reach the top, erm, bottom of the ship to escape to the waiting rescue crew outside? Or will they die trying?

This movie was great. It is not rated because this was a Hallmark presentation and premiered on that channel. The acting is great as Steve Guttenberg playing Richard Clarke and 3 time Oscar nominated actor, Peter Weller, playing Captain Paul Gallico. There are some parts where the acting seems unreal but overall it was great. This movie is not like the original and the remake in 2006. Same plot but they quirked it up a bit. This movie kept me on the edge of the couch the whole time. There is great suspense and the action scenes are great. It's almost fun watching them climb their way through all the obstacles to make it through the top. They attempt to make it sad toward the end but I didn't cry at all. (That doesn't mean you shouldn't!) I loved the plot more than the actors and actresses. If you're a person who HATES bland acting this may not be the movie for you.

I would say this movie is PG. It does have some blood and gore in it but not too much. I would recommend this to an audience of 11+

Movie #2: Ratatouille

Remy is a young rat who lives in the countryside of France with his whole pack of rats. He's tired of the same life, eating garbage and stealing. He dreams of becoming a great chef in Chef Gusteau, a five star restaurant in Paris. After a shooting accident with an old lady Remy finds himself separated from the pack. He ends up in the sewers of Paris along with a Chef Gusteau cookbook who's motto is, "Anyone can cook!" After sneaking in and fixing a soup a young garbage boy, Linguini, messed up. The head chef, Skinner, is furious, thinking Linguini messed with the soup. But before he knows it, the soup is sent out to the customers accidentally and they love it!

Linguini and Remy team up so that Linguini can keep his job at the restaurant and so Remy can fulfill his dream of becoming a famous chef. Things are looking great, until Skinner starts suspecting things. And with the grim food critic, Anton Ego, ready to taste the new young chef/rat's dishes, will things turn out as planned?

This movie may be made by Disney but it's the sweetest movie I've ever seen! Filled with tasty foods and comedy my stomach was growling after the movie, even after I ate 2 bags of popcorn! I loved the cozy setting of the movie, the characters, the plot, the ending, everything was perfect. It will be sure to bring out the "little chef" in all of us! Everyone can cook!

This movie is rated G and I recommend it to all audiences!

Movie #3: Castle in the Sky

Join Sheeta and Pazu on their brave quest to find Laputa, a floating city in the sky. Pazu was an orphan, living in a mine town as an engineer's apprentice when he sees Sheeta, floating from the sky with a glowing crystal around their neck. Together they both realize the crystal is from the so called Laputa, a floating city which everyone except for Pazu and Sheeta, believes is a myth. Sheeta is a descendant from the ancient city, when everyone on Laputa left because of a great storm that was raging on, to this day!

Pazu and Sheeta head out to find the floating city, making many new friends along the way. But what they don't realize is that a whiny pirate gang, leaded by the pirate's mom, Dola, is out to get the crystal. Along with the army who kidnapped Sheeta in the first place. With evil Muska leading the army and big hearted Dola after their trail, will they find Laputa? Or die trying?

Animated by Hayao Miyazaki, the greatest animator on Earth, this movie was incredible! The illustrations make you think this was performed by real life actors instead of it being animation! It's a bit sci-fi and the plot can get a bit confusing. You might have to watch the movie 2 or 3 times to get the plot straight. The characters are easy to relate to. It is a fairy tale, yet heartwarming and humorous. Everyone will enjoy Castle in the Sky!

This movie is rated PG. I would recommend it to an audience of 9+



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