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What You Don't See: Part 8

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Author's Note: I'm so sorry for not being in the Times for about 2 or 3 weeks. I've been really busy with camp. Four more parts to go.

It's been two weeks. Two weeks of debating with myself whether or not to forgive Jonathan. He called seven times before he finally gave up. I feel so bad, I could just picture how his face looked when I hadn't called him after his many apologies. My mind was flip flopping around when the phone rang. I was expecting Jonathan, but to my surprise it was Emily.

"Hey Em, what's up?"

"Oh my god Sarah, I just saw Jonathan at the store. He looks messed up, he looked like he was crying! Are you still mad at him?"

My mouth dropped open just an inch. I was speechless, words did not come out. I felt horrible now that I had made Jonathan that hurt. Wait, it was his fault, he almost wiped out a whole civilization!

"It's um, complicated, Emily. I-I'll talk to him later." I said.

"If I were you I would talk to him now Sarah."

"Okay, well I'll call him now, bye."

I heard the phone click as Emily hung up. I dialed Jonathan's number. Then I dialed again, I hadn't called him in weeks. My memory had lost the motion of my fingers pressing all the correct buttons.

"Sorry, your message can not be completed as dialed." That annoying voice said over and over. Ugh, why didn't I write this stuff down?

One last try, I dialed and waited. This time it rang.

"Hello?" Jonathan's voice answered softly over the phone. Like his was whispering a secret during class.

"Hey, it's Sarah. We need to talk Jonathan." That phrase came out of my mouth. Those words are such a cliche, but they worked.

We talked about everything. Sometimes I yelled at him, then it became very soft. We argued, apologized, laughed, and talked. It was very awkward, but it had to be done. I wasn't completely recovered from what he had done, but I felt a whole lot better.

At school, I saw Jonathan walking to his next class. I traveled my way throw the wave of students, almost falling in front of everything. My navigating skills weren't that good in a crowd of people, only in the forest where I felt safe. I finally made my way over to Jonathan. I smiled a soft smile at him. He smiled back, but it wasn't a full out big smile, his lips were just slightly turns upwards.

Each day, my feelings about Jonathan grew better. He felt safe again. I just liked being with him. Now we go on walks every now and again. We were going to walked down to the beach and around town after school.

I went in the house and right as the door closed with a clunk my mom started talking.

"Honey, are you going to hang out with Jonathan again today?" my mom asked. She was at the kitchen sink holding a soapy plate.

I dropped my backpack by the door,"Yeah we are going to go on a walk."

"Oh, that's nice." She rinsed the rest of the dishes and followed me as I walked up the stairs to my room.

I felt strange, why was she following me? I couldn't look back though, always pretend you don't know what they are doing.

I went in my room and opened my drawers. It was warm outside so I reached for my jean shorts. I threw them on my bed and grabbed my blue tank top.

I looked over at my mom, she opened her mouth ready to say something then closed it again. I guess I had gotten that habit from her. She finally spoke after she embarrassed herself by looking like a fish breathing.

"Sarah wouldn't you rather wear this?" my mom grabbed my jean shirt and pink shirt from my drawers.

"Ew, mom a skirt? I am just going on a walk to the beach you know." I hated skirts. I hated how you had to cross your legs in class when you wore one.

"I just thought it would be nice to look extra pretty." She said her lips pursed.

I rolled my eyes, she was clueless. She thought I was dating Jonathan! Absurd, impossible, likely?

"Well I'm going to wear what I picked out." My mom walked out as my room as I started to change. I thought to myself. I had so many thoughts in my head that they started to mix up in a dangerous concoction.

After I had gotten ready, I had become nervous. Like the first day of middle school. You don't want to eat anything because you feel like you will puke. I was worrying. Would he betray me again? Could we actually have a relationship? I looked out my window and I saw him walking torward the house. Ugh. I had to get over all of this and just act normal.

As I opened the door my mom caught me, "Be back by five for dinner." Wow, a curfew. Well not really I mean it's just that I have to be back for dinner. I mean I think my mom likes him, maybe.

"Okay I won't be late see you later."

Jonathan's head looked up as I walked out the door. He smiled a big smile, and I couldn't resist smiling back. We walked down to the beach and sat by the edge of the water letting the tiny waves splash our feet. I felt stupid for being nervous, it was so easy being with him.

I looked down at my feet because I felt like if I kept looking at him, I would start to drool. Then I saw my watch. It was ten minutes until five.

"I have to go it's almost five. Bye."

Jonathan didn't walk me back to my house. I was a little sad, but he wasn't my boyfriend. A little part of him wanted to be though.

I made it home and smelled pizza waiting for me. I ate two pieces and went upstairs to do math homework. After I finish my last problem the phone rang. I thought it was Emily since she hasn't called me lately, maybe she has good news. My mom handed me the phone and I took it upstairs.


"Sarah it's Jonathan."

"Oh hey what's up?"I asked trying to be relaxed.

"Um, well, please don't hate me for this." He voice sounded scared and worried.

"What Jonathan? Tell me!"

There was a long pause and I decided to ask again.

"What happened? Jonathan tell me what is wrong!"

To be continued . . .


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