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On February 2, 1990, prison number 46664 (four, double six, six, four) was released. This event was heard from around the world! From the slums to the cities, from the streets to the country sides. 46664 is the greatest hero in our generation. The greatest survivor, role model, and legend. Is it Superman, Wonder Woman, or Batman? Nope, none of those. Spiderman? Wrong. So who's 46664, you ask?

That number belonged to Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela is the living legend, survivor, role model, and super human. Mandela spent 27 years in prison in Africa. That amount of time was almost a third of his life! And you know what? Not one day in prison was he ungrateful. Not one day did he stop fighting for what he believed in. Nelson believed he could give the black majority the right to vote. And every single day, he thought about how he could make it happen. He never gave up! That's what makes him so special.

Into 1994, he led the multi-party negotiations that led to Africa's first multi-racial elections. In that same year, he was also elected the president of South Africa. Mandela was president from May 1994 until May 1999. Nelson Mandela won respect nationally and internationally. He fought so many battles in his life and for Africa. He fought for accepting AIDS in Africa and all over the world. He won the Nobel Peace Prize! He even had time to write a book about his journey called "Long Walk to Freedom". After all of this, some still have criticized Mandela for not doing enough. Now seriously, what else can this man do?

This year, Mandela celebrated his 90th birthday! He celebrated in style, like everyone should. His family, friends, several celebrities, and normal people like you and I were there with him. Whether we bought tickets to be there or we tuned in from the couch, it was a moving experience. Well, it was for me! His birthday was all about 46664, a foundation to raise awareness and educate people about AIDS in Africa and around the world. 46664 helps people suffering with the disease also. 46664 works a lot like (RED), with products to buy and projects to do. Visit the site at www.46664.com

In Nelson Mandela's honor, people have made music, art, writing, movies and more. One that might stick out in your mind is the video for "If Everyone Cared" by Nickleback. Let's hope this man is in our lives for years to come. We will always remember the things he has done, and the things he will continue to do.

Author's Note:Sources: www.46664.com for foundation information.


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