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The New Look

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I'm sure we've all noticed the new look of our wonderful town, but, what do people really think of it? Some people must have liked it, because our citizens voted for this change of background and chat rooms. If you haven't noticed this change; wake up! It's been here for about two months now.

Now, what I believe of the new look might totally differ from what others think but, I believe that the new look just isn't Whyville. The chat screens have become smaller, and our characters have stayed the same size. The background of the page is eye burning with the bright colors, and most of the buttons that frame the top and side of the chat room I can't understand. I'm sure most of the other citizens feel the same, but how can I know for sure? So, it's time for an interview with my friends and citizens.

I went around to four people that inhabit the city and asked a few questions.

Frosteh: What are your thoughts of the new layout of Whyville?

LdyKahoko: I semi like the layout, only a bit. It makes my computer slower and it hurts my eyes.
Kikilol9: I don't like it very much, only a little bit. I was more comfortable with the old layout. This one seems weird.
Kamiki: It's okay. It makes it look more like a child's site (which it is, the layout just makes it look more like one).
Puppy1201: I don't like the colors, the navigation buttons are nice, but after a while the colors hurt my eyes. When the new look came out, I couldn't go any where. Everywhere I went, no one was there, including my character.

Frosteh: If you could, would you go back to the old screen?

LdyKahoko: I'd go back to the new layout in a heartbeat!
Kikilol9: Yes, I would go to the old layout.
Kamiki: Neither; a new one. Not this new one, not the old one, a new one.
Puppy1201: YES!

Frosteh: Is the new look making it harder for you to want to come on and visit with your friends on Whyville?

LdyKahoko: Yes; definitely.
Kikilol9: Yes, because I feel uncomfortable with this new look . . .
Kamiki: No.
Puppy1201: Kind of. I come on here when I'm bored, but the new layout is making me regret it.

Frosteh: Are you having trouble going to place in Whyville that you didn't have trouble with before the new look?

LdyKahoko: Mhm, only about two or three rooms in Whyville work for me now. All the others won't load or they freeze before I can even see anything!
Kikilol9: No, I'm not having trouble going places with the new look and I didn't with the old look either.
Kamiki: No.
Puppy1201: Not really.

Frosteh: Do you feel cramped in the new chat rooms?

LdyKahoko: Not as much cramped as I am annoyed. I get lost looking at the rooms.
Kikilol9: Usually when there are a lot of people, like before with the old look.
Kamiki: No.
Puppy1201: YES!

Hmmm . . . looks as if some citizens have both positive and negative things to say. My opinion has changed just by hearing what they have to say. Well, that's all for now!



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