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Yesterday or Today

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Yesterday or Today

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Hey all, Lilbeaut here. Everyone's complaining about "The good old days," "Back in 2000..." "I hate all this hacking." What seems like millions of people are packing their bags because Whyville just isn't like it use to be. But what have they done to help these problems?

Exactly. Absolutely nothing. All they do is complain about how terrible Whyville is and how much greater it was a few years back. I admit, Whyville isn't EXACTLY what it used to be. But if you don't like what is happening then do something about it!


1. Let's say some people are swearing at each other starting a fight. Report them. 911! Maybe next time they'll think about how they were punished and stop.

2. If newbies are begging for clams and you REALLY can't afford or don't want to give newbies clams, explain how to play games to them. Explain how the chat works, the games, where the best places to go are. It will help them just as much as giving clams, if not a LOT more!

3. Don't make a million screen names and never use them. You are just using juice (servers) City Hall has bought and you are wasting them if you don't go on them. I'm not against making a lot of screen names, because it's awesome. But remember, there is no way for us to just delete an account. When you are in the waiting room begging to get on but you can't, remember that you helped create this "problem". Help save Whyville juice! (LoL)

4. I know that hacking isn't as a big a problem as it used to be. That is great. But that doesn't mean you should be easy-going about your password. Sure, you think, "Oh, but they are my best friend. They wouldn't do anything." They might not be your best friend tomorrow. It happens. Some people get hacked for "no reason." There is always a reason. Maybe your pass is too easy. There are many hacking programs that can get easy words. Try a word that isn't in the dictionary. Try a number pass for your password. You won't have problems with hacking.

Do these simple tasks and you are helping Whyville be a better place. If you DON'T do these simple tasks, you shouldn't be complaining about "everything terrible about Whyville". It is OUR fault that Whyville is a mess. Do these tasks and you'll be making Whyville a better place.

~Lilbeaut is out~



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