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Once Upon a New Year

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Once Upon a New Year

Whyville Storyteller

Once upon a New Year, there was a little girl named Britt. She didn't know what to do for her New Year resolution. She thought she was perfect, and nothing could change her perfectness. But one day, on December 31st, New Years Eve Day, there was a huge blizzard in her little town of Whyville. Britt had been out making snowballs when the Blizzard hit. (This is where I come in. ;) Out of nowhere, a boy her age named Dahs, appeared.

"Hello, Britt. You seem in need of a hand, I'll help you get back to your own home land!"

"By golly gee wiz, where'd ya come from? You came right on time, I was just getting numb!"

"No matter how I got here, or when or why! I'm glad to help you!" Dahs let out with a sigh.

Britt and Dahs walked for hours and miles and hours and miles, before they got to Britt's house. She thanked Dahs kindly, and went inside. Dahs sadly watched her leave, and started to cry. He then ran to the door and opened it wide.

"Britt, oh Britt! I can't stand to see you go! What I'd do without you, I really do not know!"

"Oh Dahs, same to you! I wish you could stay... but you will, in my heart, until my dying day." (And by the way, that's far away!)

And they hugged and said farewell, and Britt was so right. Dahs never forgot her, and she never forgot him.

That night was New Years Eve, and Britt's family had a tradition of trading resolutions. Britt thought the whole day of what her resolution should be. Then, at last, she thought of one. When the time came to trade resolutions, Britt volunteered first.

"I promised a friend, I'd remember him forever, and I can see us in the snow, hugging together. But my resolution is, though not very troubling, to keep that promise, and think of him when I'm struggling. He was a very kind person, and I honor him so, and I couldn't even bear to see him go. And Dahs, that's his name, I hope you can hear me clearly, I'll love you forever, I'll love you dearly."

And Dahs did hear her, and remembered her just as she would remember him.

The end.

(I love you, Britt.)

Thank you for reading my story, kisses,

Dahs (hoLLow).



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