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Movie Review: Made of Honor

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The Main Cast

Patrick Dempsey - Thomas (Tom)
Michelle Monaghan - Hannah
Kevin McKidd - Colin
Kadeem Hardison - Felix
Chris Messina - Dennis
Richmond Arquette - Gary
Busy Philipps - Melissa
Whitney Cummings - Stephanie
Emily Nelson - Hilary
Kathleen Quinlan - Joan
Sydney Pollack - Thomas Sr.

Tom and Hannah have been best friends for over ten years, yet they have completely different opinions regarding relationships. Tom enjoys dating different women nightly and isn't looking for a serious relationship, despite the fact that he is over 30. His fear of commitment traces back to his wealthy father, who can't remember if his current wife is his sixth or seventh. For the most part, Tom treats women horribly and even has a set of rules that he follows strictly. After being asked by his date if she would see him the next day he replies, "I don't do back-to-backs. Two nights in a row; I don't do that." He also strongly believes in not calling a woman unless it has been over 24 hours since their last date, for fear of appearing desperate. To top it all off Tom is completely incapable of saying "I love you" to anyone, including his father.

Hannah, on the other hand, wants to settle down and is looking for Mr. Right. It's made clear that she believes that man is Tom, yet he hardly seems interested in taking their relationship any further. This all changes, though, when Hannah decides to go to Scotland for six weeks. While she is away, Tom finally realizes that Hannah is the most important person in his life and that he cannot live without her. He decides to let her know as soon as she arrives home from Scotland, but his plans are put on hold when he discovers she is engaged.

Hannah's fianc? Colin appears to be perfect. He's good looking, wealthy, and also happens to be a Duke. Hannah met him while she was stranded in her car at a cattle crossing. Tom is intimidated by Colin, but is also determined to do whatever it takes to win Hannah over. Hannah asks Tom if he would be her Maid of Honor, and he agrees in hopes that he can prove to her how much he loves her and how he has matured.


Made of Honor has anything you could ever want from a romantic-comedy; humor, good looking characters, and an intriguing plot. What I loved most about the movie was the natural chemistry Patrick Dempsey (Tom) and Michelle Monaghan (Hannah) had between one another. They made their characters believable, and had the audience believing that the relationship they have would be easy to achieve in the real world.

What I found odd was that Hannah did not seem at all affected by the way Tom treated his various flings. You could look at it in a positive way by saying she didn't judge him despite his various 'flaws', but in my opinion she should have confronted him about his problem instead of avoiding it.

What I also didn't care for is the fact that Patrick Dempsey is 42 years old, yet his character is a babe magnet that has the maturity of a 17 year old. Although I do think he pulled it off rather nicely, the director should have taken this into consideration when casting the lead roles. If a different actor, such as Tom Cruise (who is just 4 years older than Patrick), played the lead role the movie would have a completely different outcome. Let's face it; nobody wants to watch a middle aged man hitting on women.

Lastly, this movie was extremely similar to My Best Friend's Wedding. For those of you that have never seen this movie, it's about a woman (Julia Roberts) that falls in love with her best friend the day he decides to marry someone else. Her best friend (Dermot Mulroney) also asks her to be his Best Man. Sound similar? Yeah, I thought so too.

Overall, I loved this movie despite its unoriginality and predictability. I would give it a 4/5 stars, and would recommend it to anyone who liked the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, or 13 Going on 30.


Author's Note: This movie is rated PG-13.


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