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Everything and Anything: The Enemies Of The Face

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Welcome back to E&A! Today is all about little things that are a pain in all teenagers lives. This, my friends, are those little bumps on your face called pimples, or zits. Karlie (Gasohp), and I, Miranda, decided to write about this because finally our faces has became clearer in just a few days with these easy helpful hints.

THE ZIT: (AAAAHHHH!!!! Please try to prevent vomiting. Thank you.)

Gasohp's thoughts: Acne, to teens, is a sign of puberty (we will to leave that talk to your parents). It also is an embarrassing pain that is hard to get to go away. My acne is on my forehead and at my hairline. Every morning I used to look in the mirror and pop all my white heads. I couldn't stop picking at them! It just made things worse. First they bleed, then scab. The scab is ugly so I kept picking at it, then the cycle starts again.

Help from karma: If you take a cotton ball, and soak it in salty water, then gently press down onto the zit, until you feel the burn, the salt will dry out the nasty stuff in the pimple, but not your face. Also, damping a paper towel with alcohol, and wiping your face down, will help get all the excess dirt and oil. Then, taking a Q-tip, putting 1 drop of Visine on it, then dabbing your pimples, or taking a cotton swab and getting all of your face, is a way to get them. But, sometimes the alcohol can burn, so its an optional choice, but still make sure your face is clean first.

Need more help? Well, here are some tips for preventing acne:

1) Keep your hair away from your face. If you have bangs, wear a headband.
2) DO NOT TOUCH . . . your face of course. Picking at them is bad and it will leave scars. If you touch your face for any reason make sure your hands are clean. Even if there is a white head staring at you, ignore it.
3) Don't eat too many sweets. If you eat chocolate wash your hands because there are oils left from the chocolate that are bad for your face.
4) Wash your face every night. Try out different products to find out one that works best for you. But remember, not all of them really work how they're advertised to. Maybe ProActiv will be true to your skin.
5) When your face builds up oil wipe your face with a towel.
6) Try to go without make up for a week (if you wear any).

Gasohp, and I have only been using these tips for a few days, and our skin hasn't produced any new zits, and have made our face clearer.

Let's see what other Whyvillians have to say about zits, and what they do to get rid of them.

karma1013: Do you have a problem with zits, or acne in general?

Chipmunkz: My skin is usually pretty clear, but once a month I get some acne. Just like one or two zits though. It's not too bad.
iluvplado: Yes, I do. I have one right on the top of my nose.
milliemag: I usually have single zits in random places on my face.
kittieme: Right now, I don't have any zits but it wasn't long ago I had a huge on on my chin.

karma1013: Is there anything that you do to get rid of, or to prevent them?

Chipmunkz: I use a Clearasil face scrub every once in a while. I'm not very routine about it at all. But it works well.
iluvplado: Yes, I put on this deep cleansing face wash to prevent them.
milliemag: I use a certain cream I get from the dermatologist, it works most of the time.
kittieme: My mom has some weird product that doesn't get rid of the zit, but it covers it up with a healthy skin mineral.

karma1013: If you pop them, have you learned what the results were?

Chipmunkz: I always do, haha! It's way too tempting not to. Sorry I know it's kind of gross, but I really can't help it. They go away reasonably quickly though.
iluvplado: No, I've never popped them, and I don't think I ever will. Ouch!
milliemag: They usually come back and it is gross and annoying.
kittieme: I do not pop my zits but when I was a little younger I tried but only ended up with a scab.

karma1013: Do you believe that acne and zit products like ProActiv, Clean & Clear, etc. really help your skin become clearer?

Chipmunkz: I think that regular lotion-like face washes do not work any better than just washing your face with regular soap. However I found that if you use a scrub like with microbeads, then it works much better. It makes your skin super soft!
iluvplado: Yeah, I think they help get rid of zits and acne, and get rid of the filth on your face.
milliemag: I believe they help some people but everyones skin is different so everyone has different results.
kittieme: I believe that ProActiv helps, but does not truly get rid of acne, just covers it up for 24 hours or less. Also I believe that ProActiv can make skin a little less open to filth.

There you have it folks . . . our own Whyvillians' help, and opinions. Don't worry if your acne doesn't go away or get better in about a week, don't give up. Just keep doing these things because it may take up to a month until you can see a difference. Try and make washing your face a habit. Trying to make something a habit takes about a month until you do it without thinking.

If you already have scars on your face from the past try this. At night before you go to bed put neosporin where your scars are. This should help heal them.

Have you had any kids tease you about having zits? Ignore them because about everyone will get one zit in their life. By the time they breakout, your acne will probably have already cleared up. Hope this article will help you have healthier skin.

Thanks for reading!


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