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I'm Not Starry

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My hectic life is filled to the rim with everything I do, sports, band, clubs, etc., but every Sunday morning I wake up and go to church. I know people worship around the world either in a church, a synagogue, a mosque, or a temple. So I would assume that people on Whyville go to church too. They also might have their own opinions about what the universe is made of or what made it. That is why I do not agree in Whyville's promotion of the "We're All Made of Stardust" theory.

I'm I thinker. I think about humanity, Global Warming, politics, civilization, just about everything around me. I don't think about what we are made of though. I don't think about it because I know how we were made. I believe in "a creator" as people would say. I look in Genesis if I want to know what were made of. I respect Whyville's opinion about creation, as I hope they respect mine. I just do not think Whyville should press their opinions into our minds as factual.

In fifth grade down here in the Lone Star State we have a thing called "D.A.R.E." Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It teaches children not to get into drugs or alcohol or give into peer pressure. I think that Whyville, as a peer, is pressuring us into believing the same things that they do, in this case pressuring us into thinking that all things are made of stardust. As I respectively disagree with that statement I respect the scientists who believe this theory. I do not, however, respect that Whyville is stereotypically thinking that all children believe anything they are told.

If Whyville was just trying to get their theory out there I think that they should have used less bias words, like instead of "Did you know that it's true?" using "it might be true". Or instead of using "In fact, everything on Earth is made out of stars," just put "Everything on the Earth is made out of stars in this theory". I understand that the Star Factory welcome page story is an opinion essay, but I think the biasness of the essay was large to how much the writing could've been neutral and persuasive.

Even with my hectic schedule I still have time to think about the world and what's in it. I think about the world's beliefs and how much the world is different. I think that Whyville should not have put the Star Factory out and I believe that it shouldn't be exaggerated into something more than a theory.

Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why, and if not, why not.


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