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I began to ponder about the world of animals one day. Most animals have a purpose in life, besides the obvious purpose of the food chain. Beavers build dams, bees make honey, birds sing beautiful music for the world to hear. Most animals do something good, and helpful. But do skunks have a purpose in life?

All I've ever seen skunks do is spray stink on people. I mean it's ridiculous, they apparently do it to scare off their predators, but dude, they just end up stinking us up. At camp 2 years ago a kid got sprayed by a skunk when all he was doing was walking to his cabin. They just create a bad smell that takes forever to make go away, do they have any purpose in life? We shall see.

Morgan612: Besides eating and being eaten, do skunks have a purpose in this world?

empthany: Yes. To stink up the place and to disguise themselves as cats.
deaddog2: Yeah, their purpose it the world is to I guess stink it up.
250k: Of course skunks gotta make sure our noses work every once in a while like a little
doctors check up or something.
skookum0: Yes. To sell tomato juice.

Whyvillians have some good ideas these days. I don't think stinking up the world is a good purpose. Your purpose in life is to be doing something good. Hmm. Interesting. They have a good purpose in life for saving us a trip to the doctors. Instead of having to go to the doctor just to make sure your smelling instrument is working correctly, you just get sprayed by a skunk, and when it stinks, you know you can smell. Also they probably help the people who make tomato juice because some people wouldn't buy it unless they got sprayed by a skunk.

I think that those are their only two purposes in life besides like, the food chain and stuff. Skunks eat rats, mice, snakes, birds, and insects. They are eaten by animals such as cougars, coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. So maybe I was wrong for once . . . ok so this isn't the first time I've been wrong . . . but anyways, skunks have some very important purposes in this life and I'm so glad there are smart people in Whyville to interview to bring these purposes to my attention. I thank you kindly.

Thanks for reading, this has been another . . . OOH LOOK A CREEPO, LET'S ACT LIKE NERDS!


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