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Troubles in Whyville

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Troubles in Whyville

by Amanda
Guest Writer

For the past little while, I've noticed a lot of mishappenings in Whyville. Some have to do with the way people are acting. Some have to do with the fact that people are writing bad things. I never thought it would get this bad, but it did.

If someone comes into a chat room, or wherever you are, and starts using bad language, ignore them. Don't respond, or say things to encourage them. Tell them to stop, and if they don't, then leave. If you're smart, you won't stay to put up with nonsense like that.

Some people have been posting really gross and rude things on the BBS. And some people that read them are telling these people it's great that they wrote that. Try to ignore all those things. It's not like they had a reason to do it. If you see the person that wrote a bad message, do what you think is right. Don't tell them what they wrote was great, but talk nicely if you want. If they say another bad thing, just go. Some people I've noticed hang around to pick a fight. Don't do that.

A big issue these days is Flower. I understand that a lot of people are joining her club. The best thing to do now is to ignore her. A lot of people are getting tired of her, including myself. She obviously thinks what she is doing is funny, and so do some other people. So, don't pay any attention to her if you see her. A lot of people are starting to act like her now. That's not good.

This warning system was really a good idea, although some people think it is funny to warn for no reason. I personally don't think it is funny. You get in trouble when you are warned. You should only use the warning system when you absolutely have to. It should be kind of like a last resort, if you can't get someone to stop what they're doing. And when you warn for no reason, people get into fights. People who didn't do anything get blamed. So, please, use this the proper way.

In the future, I hope all of this nonsense will stop. I don't like any of it, and neither do a lot of other people. It gets on people's nerves, so everyone who is not behaving correctly on Whyville, please stop it now.

Note from City Hall:

In response to these troubles, we now have the silence tool, which will allow citizens to choose not to hear a rude person's comments. We're also planning to institute penalties for bad language and bad behavior. The penalties will range from clam fines to losing your house, plot, or even Whyville membership. Stay tuned for further developments!


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