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I opened the e-mail inbox, and screamed. Well, here's how it happened. 20 of those e-mails were spam. 10 of those e-mails were chain letters by people who really weren't my friends, and the remaining eight were just friendly reminders of tonight's couples party. Wait . . . that was 38. Don't I recall telling you that there were 40 e-mails? I scanned the computer screen, and found the 39th message.

It was from Megan. The subject line was entitled "Please read- will make you laugh out loud." Inside, was a slam book. Under the lines, were many people . . . including Garrett. Under his name read: Math Geek, Terrible Glasses, Doesn't know anything about style, Is a spaz. I was about to type something under his name, but I just couldn't make myself. Slowly, I deleted the e-mail.

What happened after that shocked me. I felt my fangs. Were they . . . shrinking? I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw that they had inverted about 1/2 a centimeter in. I walked out of the bathroom in a much better mood, and went back to the computer to see the 40th e-mail.

This time, it was an unknown sender. I opened it to see little emoticon hearts and the following e-mail:

Dear Kat,

Will you go to the couples party with me? I know that this is really short notice. I'd also like to say that I'd rather keep my identity a mystery. I'll be waiting by the flag pole if you happen to go. Thank you!

-Secret Admirer-

Well, now that I had a date, of course I was going to go! Who could it be? Would it be Marco, the quarterback? Tyler, the coolest guy in school? I'd even settle for James, the student body president! The question stirred in my mind for hours. I'd never settle until I finally met the mysterious person.

Then, I realized that I had absolutely nothing to wear to the party! I checked my wallet for any extra cash, but then I remembered that I had spent it all on the cute blue sweater that I had in my room draped on my bed. Sweater! That's it! I thought to myself.

I snuck into my parent's bedroom, and dug down into the sleeve of my dad's ratty old sweater. He always keeps roughly $500 there. I snatched it up and ran to the mall, in search of a dress for my mysterious admirer.

By the time I got to the mall, it was 4:00pm. Three hours before the party. I had time. My first stop was the dress shop. There, I found Meagan and her possy shopping for the perfect dress. They were eying one purple number. All of the girls grabbed the same dress, in different colors. Meagan tried to get me to wear a green one, but I refused.

Then, my fangs started to shrink yet again. By that time, they were only a tiny bit visible. I picked out a turquoise dress and then walked out of the store, making sure they wouldn't realize that I was leaving.

I was back in the comfort of my home. My eyeliner was in my hand, and I was trying to wing the line out, so I looked cattish. After that, I applied lip gloss, and then swept my hair up into a messy updo. I drove off to the dance, the secret admirer's note swirling around in my head.

When I arrived, I saw who I thought would never had sent me that note. His name was Garrett, and he was waiting at the flagpole . . . for me.



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