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What Song? Part 1: Songs Can Change

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Music. You hear it everywhere. It's almost impossible not to hear it. It plays in diners and restaurants, elevators, dentist offices, and of course there's the radio. But what else is song for? Is it just there for us to listen to? Well I don't think so. I believe songs can change people.

I was in my youth group last month on a Wednesday night and we were talking about our opinion on songs and what they mean to us. We came up with quite a bit of answers. The kids in my youth group were talking about how when they're sad about something they'll go to their room and start singing or write a song about their feelings. One of the girls said she writes songs then she'll go sing it. Depending on the song, it can bring out different emotions for her.

My leader John wrote down the emotions songs can bring out in you. There were feelings from happiness, to depression, and anger, and some of the kids even said it can make them feel like they aren't good enough for anything or it brings down their dreams.

Well as usual I got called on and I said it brings out different emotions. Depending on the song it can even bring change to people. I got asked what kind of change. I said any kind from becoming Christian or Emo or just totally changing a personality.

Some songs can bring you down; happier or peppier songs can do the exact opposite. The songs that take people down always have opposites that cheer people up. Some people such as myself are Christian, so they'll go somewhere and turn on Christian music or start singing worship songs. Those fans of Miley Cyrus might go listen to "Nobody's Perfect". Different people like different songs it makes the world go round!

Why do we write songs? I did some reasearch and found some comments on http://www.spokanesongwriters.org/apps/forums/thread/11.aspx. Some of them said they don't know and they can't imagine what it would be like if they didn't write songs. I for one believe everyone does it for a different reason. Although that's everyone's different opinions of course.

I decided to see what other people think but I didn't have much time so I'm going to ask you the readers to y-mail me and tell me why you think we write songs. If you already have a song written send it in and see if your song makes it into the next article, "What Song? Part 2: Songs Of Choice".

Thank You for reading!

Author's Note: Sources: http://www.spokanesongwriters.org/apps/forums/thread/11.aspx


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