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I Hate Article Trash Talkers

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Each and every Times articles' BBS has one. That one nerve-wrecking person who always disagrees with all the other Whyvillians. The one that says, "What a rubbish-load of an article," while the rest say, "What an uplifting article!" They are known as article trash talkers.

I hate them. They ruin a perfectly well-written article, and think only their opinion matters. You know one, I know one, we all know an article trash talker. Hey, you might even be one! What most of these people haven't realized is that an opinion is what one person believes and not everybody has to agree. They act as if when one person has different beliefs, or opinions, than them, it's suddenly the end of the world, causing them to immediately act defensive.

But why? Why do they act this way? The truth is, most of these TRASH TALKERS are actually very self-conscious or insecure and have low self-esteem. They're the kid you see who's always walking by themselves on the playground. They want to seem so big on Internet websites, such as our very own Whyville. They want to win.

I'm not saying this article will completely stop these trash talkers, because it won't. Heck, this article's probably going to be trash talked as well! But at least I know the truth behind these trashers. So go on, my little trash talkers, take off your glass mask already; it's see-through, and time for it to break.

Author's Note: A special thanks to Socer4eva for giving me the idea of this article's topic.


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