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Winter Fashions

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Winter Fashions

Fashion Writer

Hey y'all! I know some people are thinking, "Where does he/she get the winter gear?" And when you ask, they ignore you. Get it? Got it? Good. This is a Fashion Emergency article that will tell you where the best winter things are!

Ok, so here are some finds:

*Pink Sweater* found in Tar Tar's Street Shop, and is 84 clams. Yes it IS expensive, but it is a cool pink striped sweater! I have one of these myself.

Any scarves, coats, and sweaters by Angelco (found in the Angelco. Store) They range from 15 clams to 45 clams. The coats are the puffy kind, the sweaters have the ribbed neck, and the scarves are striped. They come in assorted colors.

PixieCo. Leather Jacket. It is found in the PixieCo. store. It's 20 clams, and is a black jacket that is open, so wear a top under it.

Also, you can search for sweater, leather, coat, scarf, winter, and anything else winter related.

That's all I can remember now, so adios for today!



nautiegal & star66
Fashion Writers

Hello! This is nautiegal and star66 here doing our first ever fashion report. We have approached many citizens here in Whyville and, of those that were willing to give their opinion of what was in fashion on Whyville, this is what we found were some popular answers:

Tiger suits, bunny suits, pooh bear suits, blonde hair, nametags, signs, bandanas, hats, sk8er wear, punk clothes, goth clothes, hoop earrings, sweaters, tight shirts, colourful shirts, faux fur, blue eyes, glossy lips, open mouths, wings, devil horns, and LOTS MORE!

Things started to get repetitive, so we came to the following conclusions about both girls and guys:

Based on the most common items brought together, a typical girl would have blonde hair, blue eyes, a shirt that is either colourful or fuzzy, some type of item in their hand, hoop earrings, glossy lips or an open mouth, and some sort of headgear.

The average guy would have any colour eyes, a guyish looking shirt, some type of hair whether it be a mohawk or cornrows, sunglasses, and some accessory like a skateboard or wings.

This is nautiegal and star66 signing off. Until next time...


Fashion Writer

Babypowdr here with yet another controversy, but thank god, not with the Why-Passes. No my friends, this is more important to me than that.

Ok, so remember way back in elementary school, when you weren't allowed to wear tank tops, short shorts, mini skirts and dresses, midriffs or blah blah blah. I think this isn't fair, I mean like, skin is skin and everyone has it. I can understand them having a problem if we didn't wear *anything* to school (like anyone would do that!) but a tummy top is only showing your belly button. Oh, and doesn't everyone have one of those too?

High school is so much better, we can wear whatever, but not everybody does... it's just a habit, I guess. I happen to find our school too hot, and I don't like heat, so I wear short shorts and minis all the time. I have a million of the darn things for summer, why not wear them? Ok... on to my point here.

I think that 80% of who you are is style, the clothes you wear, and 10% is attitude and 10% is background. And what you wear reflects your style, right? In Whyville, we can't wear bikinis, tube tops or anything that is drawn to be revealing. I can understand not having nude bodies, like DUH, but bikinis ARE NOT nude. I know some people try to make the too revealing but to me that doesn't matter as long it's not too bad. But then if it is too bad, people should know better than to do that.

Ok, signing out for now. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ME WITH COMPLAINTS!!! Write your own article and send it in.





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