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Taking Out the Trash

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There I was, surrounded by a gaggle of friends, screaming my lungs out. It was one minute to midnight. One minute to the release of "Breaking Dawn", the newest book of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

The clock struck twelve, and I dashed to the counter. There, I made a grab for the book and clutched it to my chest. I sighed. Life was good.

So, what does this have to do with my article, you ask? Why, absolutely nothing!

What? Erm . . . oh, right . . . Well, I'm kinda busy reading "Breaking Dawn" - can I skip this week's article? No? Alright, alright, let's get to it.

Loony Lovegood's Lenses

This is for all you Harry Potter fans out there! Grab an old pair of glasses (The kind you use for seeing, not drinking!), some cardboard, and blank white paper. Cut two circles from the paper and two from the cardboard, each three inches in diameter. Divide each paper circle into sixteen equal sections. Use markers or colored pencils to make each section a different color. Attach the paper circles to the cardboard circles, then attach each cardboard circle to a lens of the glasses. If you'd like, wrap colorful tape around the frame of your glasses. Now all you need is a copy of the Quibbler!

Getting Glamorous with Glasses

If you've got a collection of stuffed animals, why not see if your glasses fit any of them? Your old pink elephant could use a vision upgrade! Doesn't teddy look posh in those frames? Take it a step further and have a photo shoot of every thing from lampshades to oranges in glasses. Then use the photos to make birthday cards or keychains!

Totally Teensy Twilight

Finally! A Twilight reference! Speaking of Twilight, I really should get going . . . I need to finish "Breaking Dawn" . . . No? *Sigh.* Fine, I guess I'll have to finish up here first.

Cut out two pieces of black construction paper - each one should be about the size of the lenses of your glasses. Use a thumbtack to make holes in the paper. You can make them from a picture of a smiley face or your initials, or just spread them like stars to make your own little night scene. Attach the paper over each lens. Take your glasses to a dark room and shine a flashlight through the lenses. It's truly a breathtaking sight!

Credit for the idea behind this week's article goes to 7stars! I need more ideas, so please keep y-mailing me! Now I simply HAVE to go, "Breaking Dawn" is calling . . .

"And I will never see the sky the same way,
And I will learn to say goodbye to yesterday,
And I will never cease to fly if held down,
And I will always reach too high,
'Cause I have seen, I have seen . . .


Author's Note:Quote from the song "Twilight" by Vanessa Carlton.


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