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Individuality Fashion Contest

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Individuality Fashion Contest

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Hey y'all... bettyjoe here to talk to ya about something that been bothering me! The Whyville fashion. First of all, crazy petitions! Like, I've gone to the petitions and seen stuff like body parts for less clams or more guys stuff. IF YOU WANT MORE STUFF FOR GUYS THEN MAKE IT! IF YOU WANT MORE STUFF FOR COLOURED PEOPLE THAN YOU MAKE IT! Petitions can't solve those problems, but you can!

Next of all... I always see the same thing every day. There will be a beauty contest, say with 10 people. But about 8 of those 10 will have blonde hair and blue eyes and be virtually identical. Don't get me wrong, I have blue eyes on my face, too. But in these contests, everyone looks identical except for those non-blondes. And even if the brunette looks better, the blonde will win because she wears the "in" stuff -- like blonde hair. Yet at the same time all the other blondes will be mad because they look the same as the winner, so they think they should have won, too.

And so I am pledging a chance for individuality. Go out and make yourself a face that no one else will ever have. Then y-mail me with the subject "my new face". I will pick the strangest and most revealing faces. The faces that really jump out of the crowd. The ones that just scream I AM DIFFERENT!

There will be one first place winner that will get 100 clams and any two body parts they want that I can get. The 2nd place winner will get 50 clams and any one body part they want. And the 5 runner-ups will get their names in the Times.

The only catch is that you have to keep this face up until after the answer in the Times has been posted and every one can see that individuality that you want to let loose.

Well, I gotta go. I gotta go find a face that no one will ever have!




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