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An Armada of Memories

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Her name was Danielle Scott, or Danni to most of us. To Whyville, she was known as armada. She lost her life two years ago, August 15th of 2006; a day I'll never forget.

It was the day after my little sister's birthday, and I went onto my computer as I normally do, and onto my local messenger account, as I normally do. But today wasn't normal. I was almost instantly talking to a friend who informed me she had some very bad news.

Danni was dead.

We all knew she had ovarian cancer, and despite it she was the spunkiest person I can say I ever met on Whyville. She was a phenomenal debater, one I've had the honor of debating with and against, and was years ahead of her time. Things I've found out for myself only recently, I recall being told by Danni long ago. Danni was the kind of person who didn't care what you thought of her, but cared infinitely about what was right. She was one of the original members of the old B.L.O.B.Y. club (Bearded Ladies Organization for a Better Y-ville), which was a female club where each of them wore beards to oppose judgment based on looks.

But above all, Danni was a legendary poet. Every single one of her poems that came up in the Times, I looked forward to. I sadly cannot say the same for any poems before or since. Every poem I wrote, I wrote to be like her. And when she complimented my poems, I truly felt proud. If you've never read any, I strongly recommend looking them up. They are some of the finest work you'll ever read.

When we found out she had lost her battle with ovarian cancer, we were all devastated. I had always thought cancer would be no match for a strong soul like Danni. Alas, we are all mortal, but her memory with us will never die. I will remember her to the last days of my life. She had such an impact on my life, it cannot be put into words.

If you wish, you can still visit her site here: http://www.caringbridge.org/cb/viewJournal.do?method=executeInit

We'll meet again in Heaven one day, Danni. I promise. Save me a spot.

Until then, I'll be here, remembering you.



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