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Past, Present, Future

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Past, Present, Future

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Hey Whyville, Lilbeaut here. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrated. I know I did. There was great food, wonderful loving, and "symbolic" presents. I had a blast! But that's not what I'm here to talk about. I want to make a few off-the-chart announcements for things we once were oddly thankful for and now are just there to amuse us. Think if it was gone...

First there's the "old days." The way I remember them, everyone was busy helping each other, making their OWN screen name the best it can be. (*EHM* HACKERS, I'M CALLING TO YOU...) WASA wasn't invented, and neither were a million other things in Whyville. We didn't have a mall. It was just plain Akbar's.

Look around. There certainly wasn't 100,000 people in Whyville a year ago. (LOL) Honestly! The Sportplatz was the "it" place, then the Pool Party, and now the Playground. Now the Sportplatz is a place for newbies to go to not be harassed by mean people (*ehm*). I'm not dissing the Sportplatz if that's your favorite place to go and I'm not saying you are a newbie if you go there. I've just calculated it, and that's the majority.

Nowadays, the pool party is where all the "oldies" chill out. Buncha old farts. LOL! J/k. There are awesome people hanging there but mostly oldies, by my calculations once again. LOL!

And then the playground. FUN FUN FUN ALL THE WAY. That's where all the more trendy, popular people hang. But it doesn't mean they're the best.

Then there's the newbie problem. Just because they look different and unique in their own way doesn't mean they are bad people. Remember when you were a newbie and life wasn't too simple in Whyville! Buying a new shirt was a BIG deal. You could hardly wait until you reached the 20 clam mark. Think about it.

I praise everyone who is kind to newbies and is always lending a hand. I've seen many of my friends giving away clams for Christmas (lovely, lovely) and giving things to Grandma that they never use anymore. Be a friend to a newbie, even! It will make their day, and yours. Just little acts of kindness can be huge steps towards victory.

Next off, I want to remind you of something. PLOTS! It's like they have been forgotten. About 6 months ago it was huge. People were rebelling, sending letters to City Hall begging for plots, making articles telling everyone to keep fighting for plots. Then, people finally gave up faith because they had worked for so long and City Hall kept saying she would give them it, but it never came.

There's just a few questions I would like answered for myself and Whyville.

1. I know it takes a while to build plots but you've been saying that forever. When will we have them?

City Hall's answer: Yes, guilty as charged. :-p It has been taking forever. But we are still working on it. New plots would happen sooner if we stopped having parties and such. What would you guys prefer?

2. If we can afford enough servers to make a Whyville Forest and a Winter Whyville, then why don't we have enough servers for plots and servers to let us go without Why-Passes.

City Hall's answer: Strange though it may seem, Whyville Forest doesn't make it hard for our computer. It's not room that we're out of, it's processing power. Which means that we can put more things on the server, we just can't handle more requests (i.e. show me my ledger, save my new face, send my Y-mail) from citizens. We need more servers to give us more processing power!

3. This is more of an idea: Would it be possible to delete a screen name that hasn't been on Whyville for... oh, let's say 5 months. It would help Whyville have more memory, wouldn't it? There's no sense in having a screen name that's not being used. Would that be possible?

City Hall's answer: Again, because it's not room that we're short on, it really doesn't matter if we delete screen names or not. It's the sheer number of citizens that come on Whyville and make all these requests that max out our computer. Hope this makes sense!

Now, I'm not saying to Whyville, "RIOT RIOT! REBEL AGAINST CITY HALL! SHE HAS DONE WRONG!" (LOL) City Hall and her workers are working very very hard. Whyville isn't free to run. We should all be thankful. Think of all that you have. Think if Whyville were just gone some day. Then what would your favorite site be? I know I couldn't live without it. Can you?

Here's an addiction quiz to find out if you truly are as addicted as I am.

Q. You can't get into Whyville and you don't have a Why-Pass.
a. You get off the computer and forget about it.
b. Keep trying until you get in 20 min. later.
c. Go to a different site until Whyville works again.

Q. What would you do if Whyville shut down?
a. Never play a game online again. Whyville is irreplaceable!
b. Keep trying to get on Whyville even though you know it's gone.
c. Think about Whyville often but you go on with your life and find some other addicting site.

Q. You made a mistake and told someone your password, and he/she steals your account. You...
a. Keep trying to get on it, after a few failures you leave Whyville and never come back again.
b. Hate Whyville for the rest of your life.
c. Make a new screen name and start from scratch.

Q. Someone publicly disgraces you and now wherever you go Whyvillians are making fun of you.
a. You smile and don't let it bother you. After all, it is just a computer game.
b. Be distressed and worried. Your social status must not be GONE!
c. You are hurt just a little bit but it does not bother you. The person who made fun of you could be a huge loser. You never know on the computer.


a. 10 pts.
b. 30 pts.
c. 20 pts.

a. 20 pts.
b. 30 pts.
c. 10 pts.

a. 20 pts.
b. 10 pts.
c. 30 pts.

a. 10 pts.
b. 30 pts.
c. 20 pts.

If you answered 100-120 points you are as big as freak about Whyville as it gets! If you answered 80-90 points you are average normal person who has a life. (LOL, I'M JOKING!) And if you answered below 70 points... WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN WHYVILLE?!

Hope you had fun.

~Lilbeaut signing out...~



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