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A Look At Last Year

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A Look At Last Year

Guest Writer

Hello, this HaloStar. I found Whyville in May 2001. At first it took forever to get settled. Here's my outlook on the past year.

Password Poachers: Many people were scamming passwords by saying, "if you need a makeover, why-mail me." Some citizens figured out the hard way by giving out their passwords, and ended up with no more clams, permanently banned from Whyville, and all their face parts stolen. Many citizens stood together and pulled the victims out of the slump. Others that got everything taken away somehow forced themselves away from Whyville and never came back.

Newbies VS Oldies: For a long time there was a small tiny war. For us caught in the middle (not being new and not being veteran) we just watched silently. Petitions saying "Kick out oldies so us new people get a chance to experience Whyville" and vice versa were a little selfish. (I'm not trying to put you guys down!) There also was little sympathy for the new people. When newbies would ask for clams the response was, "Get it yourself," which I think is just as selfish. Maybe instead of that you could give them tips on how to get money and just a few clams.

Cheating and bribery: Yes there was cheating and bribery. "1,000,000 clams if you sign my petition! I swear I'M LOADED" Some actually got their clams -- certainly not a million, though! -- while others were simply tricked. It was sort of harmless but it left many disappointed and disillusioned. Cheating itself really wasn't that much of a problem, though, I think. People would give others answers to the games. Maybe hints are better!

There were many good times, too!! Here's more looking back:

Fashionable Fashion: Many had cute fashions for the summer. Nice tops, cute hair, and nice accessories!! The Whyville economy kept many face part makers rolling in clams. And speaking of rolling in the clams, in the late fall they actually fell from the sky!! YAY!! With the economy surge more and more citizens were homeless (who'da thunk it). That meant City Hall needed REAL money. Now that citizens pay for Why-Passes, you will soon be able to go to the land office and get a plot!!!

And finally, To Give and Get! Bigfoot wrote an article that Interviewed Grandma. After that, many more citizens gave to Grandma, who provided for newbies!

This is HaloStar signing off!!!



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