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Fashion Do's and Don't's

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Fashion Do's and Don't's

Fashion Writer

Hi! Liferocks reporting here about the latest Whyville fashions. I know a couple of weeks ago, there were like three articles on winter fashion, and I'm here to talk about that to, but I'm ally here to talk about the basic fashion around Whyville.

Let's start first with talking about girl fashions. It seems that almost every girl has the same hair! I hear so many people critic about this, but really, they shouldn't because it's just showing the people who created these popular clothes that they are REALLY GOOD DESIGNERS!! I know that I have common blond hair, but I like it. And I think that every Whyvillian that tries out a new style is very daring and smart! Now, I see now that it is winter, lots of people have starting getting warmer clothes (for ex. sweaters, scarves, etc.), but the most common thing around is bluish (representing coldness) or pinkish cheek blush. I personally like this look, but if a person with blush, doesn't have the right lips, then it could go all off!!

I used to wear a winter hat, which used to be very popular. It was red with the Fitch writing on it. Now, this was very popular like, a year ago, so now that I think if a couple people started to wear them again, it would be so cool, 'cause no one would know where to buy them! Lips are getting pretty hard to find no a days, but if you know exactly what your looking for it should be easy. The main style in lips is glossy types, or open mouths. Lots of people prefer bubble gum in the mouth though. I remember a year ago when almost every one had a pacifier!! I wonder what happened to that?!

Well, I guess the ladies are getting kinda tired of all my talking, and the guys kinda bored 'cause I'm not saying anything to help them out, so, now to guy's fashions!

Lots of guys used to (and still do) like one certain designer and on certain style. And yes, I mean of course the Blink-182 fashions from TOMDABOMB. I gotta tell ya, those are great heads and gear, but they're not cheap! I think in Whyville, guys are a lot less picky about how they look then girls. I say this because it seems to me that almost every guy looks the same (no offense)!! They all have pretty simple eyes, mouth and nose and hair!

BUT, who's to blame them??!! Like, almost no one designs stuff for guys anymore, so there is no more stuff for them to buy!!

Well, my fingers are getting kind of tired so I gotta run! But, before I go, here is a list of great stores everyone should check out.

Pixie Co. Store -- So many things to choose from, totally in style!

Punkish -- If you're into the punk/rock style.

Angel Co. Store -- Great styles, and unique buys you won't find anywhere else!

The Opionated Clothes Boutique -- (I know it's spelt wrong, but that's the name!) If you like fashionable, but affordable, this is the place to go!

Prepster Store -- Everything a Whyvillian could want (plus great prices)!!!

ashley's store -- There isn't much here, but what there is great!

Well, this is Liferocks, taking a departure!
10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0... BLASTOFF!!



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