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Has it gone too far?

by _Misty_
A Whyville Critic

Pokemon has not only taken by storm the United States, but also Japan. In fact that's where it all started.

The whole thing began with a single video game. It then grew into a TV show , then turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone loved it, even adults.

Then, it turned into madness. Now there are hundreds of thousands of websites, plush toys, cards (which are the most popular now), movies, and even board games. Now there are Pokemon on almost every product on the market.

Right now someone would pay 100-200 dollars for a first edition Charizard.

People, it's just a piece of paper with writing on it.

Pokemon is so popular, people are even going to court over cards they traded. Questioning this subject, I interviewed two people about Pokemon. The first person I interviewed was Floyd.

Floyd is from currently living in Texas and really hates Pokemon! He has never spent a dime on them and thinks they've really gone to far!

The next person I interviewed was Mary Anne. She is from Canada, also hates Pokemon, and also never has spent a dime on them. She thinks these little pocketmonsters have gone way too far this time!

After all this, I have one question: Why can't Pikachu put his arms together???


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