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Solstice Safari: What Did You Find?

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Solstice Safari: What Did You Find?

Solstice Reporter

Did you join the Solstice Safari? Well, on my quest to learn about solstices (and earn a bit more money) I found more then I bargained for. And that is the understatement of the century!

Sure, I learned about the sun and the solstices, and, sure, that's all fine and dandy, but I also ran into a few issues with my team. I was at that very moment going to write an article for the Times and then I got reading the posts on our BBS and I realised my thoughts weren't enough. Every story has two sides, right? This one has three.

I asked the same questions to the leaders of the three leading teams. And the results were very interesting...

I started off with the leader of my own team. At the time of the writing of this article were in third place. Unfortunately, my leader hasn't been able to respond to the letter I sent her. But that's okay. You can see it through my eyes.

I'd like to say that we got off on the wrong foot. The leader's best friend played a bad joke that just got out of hand. We are the Canadian Sweethearts. Not all of us are Canadian. That's problem #1.

Eleven people on our team have gotten to stop 11. Only one other person has even started. We've tried to remind the rest of our team to get going by posting messages on the BBS, but that hasn't worked. Problem #2.

Oh, and we did our fair share of fighting. I myself was involved in fights and I don't deny it, but so were all of the other people on my team. We just couldn't get over each other's differences. Problem #3. That problem has cleared up by now, though.

Our last problem was that we couldn't ever get together for a meeting, which is pretty bad. But now that our fighting is done I enjoy this team a lot and I hope we can get back into first place for the final team challenge.

Next I interviewed the leader of Team 5, twister75. Their team was in 2nd place at the time of this writing. Here is their story....

They had a small confusion with their name, but not like my team. After Challenge One the leader got booted off and some other people just kind of took over. Also, they added that they thought that Rainbow44 was supposed to be the leader and they weren't sure how that happened. They had meetings (sort of). Most of these people are friends in real life. That makes good team, wouldn't you think? They claim to have tried to arrange a meeting time, but nobody responded and those people are still at step one. No fighting here, though. Everything was done strictly by vote.

Unfortunately for them, only one other person besides the real-life friends has actually done work. They've just given up on the rest. The only other comment that they express is that non-working members weren't kicked off after challenge #2. I'd like to wish good luck to your team!!

The secret to success oftentimes lies with the leader. Here's the first place team leader, Shelly1, and her story...

They all pitched in ideas and decided on the name Safari Strikers. Tres original! They tried to arrange a few meets but they couldn't arrange a time that worked. They didn't fight, and they were all very co-operative. That's always good. Sounds like a good team to me, and they certainly deserve 1st, in my opinion. Oh, and Shelly1 would like to thank all of her teammates.

So, that's a Solstice Safari story with three different sides. I like my team, even though our plans didn't go as smoothly as The Safari Strikers.

That's okay by me. A team in my mind is like a family; no matter what happens, you gotta luv 'em. I'd like to wish good luck to all of the teams in the final challenge, (even though we all know that my team is gonna win! :D ) and remember, this is the expedition of a lifetime!

This is Giggler01, going back to bed....



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