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Prepping For New Year's

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Prepping for New Year's
Magick, NewAngel, SamGirl21, and BK4U discuss their plans for the party.

Magick, NewAngel, SamGirl21, and BK4U
Guest Writers

Signing on....BEEEEEEEEEP.

This is an actual conversation about prepping for the big Masquerade Ball. We wrote this article before the ball took place. Enjoy your eavesdropping! I, SamGirl21, will go first.


What an extravagant way to start this article! LOL, this whole article idea came to us in homeroom before Christmas break. We talked about Yule and Christmas and all that, and then came up the subject of New Year's Eve. I said that I might go to Times Square, or else I'd sit home. Magick said he might have a party with some of the kids in his neighborhood. NewAngel said she might go to a church party.

Later that day, we logged on Whyville (last day before break we get to do anything we want) and Magick clicked on the Times. He said there was a Masquerade Ball going on, and that we should go. Since none of our plans were final, we decided to do that sometime between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We agreed to meet at 8pm, New Year's Eve, Sportplatz.


Once I heard that those were my New Year's plans, I started making more plans. I was happy, because my parents weren't letting me go out on New Year's Eve anyway. Something about the "threat of terrorist attacks". So, I couldn't even go to my friends' houses. But now, I would see my friends without leaving my house!


Yeah, my parents said I could go out, but only to my church's party or my neighbor's party. As if! LOL, so staying home was my top choice.


I was already for the Ball. At least, I thought I was.


BK4U: I decided to go to a friend's party, but also enjoy the Ball.
NewAngel: How can you do that?
BK4U: Go on their computer.
NewAngel: Oh, I get it.
Magick: Okay, so the next part in going to the Ball? Planning!
SamGirl21: I didn't really want to go in costume, so I got a gown.
BK4U: I saw it!
SamGirl21: Yeah, you did.
Magick: I didn't want to come in costume either.
NewAngel: I did! I went as a lion.
SamGirl21: LMAO, a lion?
NewAngel: Yeah.
Magick: I bought a tux, but... it wasn't anything special.
NewAngel: Oh, come on, now! It looks great.
SamGirl21: Don't doubt yourself, LOL!

We continued planning. We even decided a photographer could really make this ball rock.

Magick: As Pink would say, prepping for the party is more fun than actually going!
NewAngel: I don't agree.
Magick: You should! LOL, whatever.
BK4U: Having a good time with your friends matters.
SamGirl21: Yeah... so should we all go together?
Magick: Duh, that's how we planned it.
SamGirl21: I'm so sure.
NewAngel: We HAVE to get a photographer.
SamGirl21: I'll look into it.
Magick: Read the Times, and check out Gallery.
NewAngel: Why...?
Magick: She can take down the names of good photographers, contact them, and offer a payment.
BK4U: Wow, you sound... businesslike?
Magick: Be quiet.
SamGirl21: Okay, so we are all ready to go. Right?
NewAngel: Well, basically. We have our outfits, a photographer, and we know when to meet. We're set, right?
Magick: I think so! Let's go for it!
BK4U: All right, see you there!
SamGirl21: Bye!
Magick: It's gonna be sooo much fun!
NewAngel: Later!

This was written the night before the party. We hope you all had a great time at the party.

This is SamGirl21, BK4U, NewAngel, and Magick.... SIGNING OFF! BEEEEEP!!!



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