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Cool School: Buying Supplies

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Well, it is here. Summer has ended, and school is about to begin. Don't fret, though. This year, you are going to get better grades than ever! Well, how is this possible, you may ask? With this new series, of course! Throughout the next few months, you will learn everything about test preparation, locker troubles, teachers, and so much more. First, however, before class can really start, you have to get the basics -- basic supplies, I mean. Here are some basic tips for buying school supplies.

* Buy more than you need. I know it sounds really unnecessary, but if you need three Number 2 pencils, or five notebooks, it is best to buy some backup supplies. If you ever lose a pencil, or run out of paper in a notebook, you have some spares to bring.

* Buy cheap. Chances are, if you're buying a notebook, it's going to run out of paper eventually, and a pencil will run out of lead pretty fast. So why buy should you buy one five dollar notebook, when you could get ten notebooks for the same price? Buying cheaper will save money, so later in the school year, you can buy something else that's needed, like more notebooks.

* Buy generic. No matter what you may believe, your teacher is not going to care if your notebook has a picture of the Jonas Brothers on the front, no matter how cute you think they are. If you want them, buy them, but remember one thing. Buying these notebooks are not only going to be WAY more expensive, but it also will probably be lower quality than a plain notebook.

* Listen to the school supply list. It doesn't matter if your friend a grade ahead of you says that you don't really need those glue-sticks on the supply list. Classes change from year to year, so ALWAYS buy what is on the list. On the contrary, don't buy a binder, or a ruler, if they specifically say NO BINDERS OR RULERS on the list. It will just cause trouble., and possibly get YOU into trouble.

* Buy the right size backpack. Don't buy a tiny backpack when you're in ninth grade, that is, unless you like carrying your books with your hands. You should make sure that the backpack you buy is right for your grade, or you will have a lot of trouble bringing those big books home.

* Figure out what you're doing for lunch. If you think you are going to eat a lot of home-packed lunches, you should probably buy a good lunch box now, instead of brown-bagging it every day. Don't bother with a lunchbox, if you think it will just be a big paperweight. Just brown-bag it.

* Write your name on your items. It may seem pointless, but if you lose your notebook with your all of your science notes in it, it's not going to seem as pointless to you then.

Well, that is about it for this week. Use these cool school supply tips to ace the next school year. See you next week! Use the BBS to give me more suggestions.

Going to buy some school supplies,


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