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Beware of the Poser

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Today me and my friends were just chilling out at Beach South. I was eating my Pringles and typing out silly things to my friends, like that Cheese Doodle thing we used to do in the BBS, when suddenly, a suspicious user came in the room.

His name was CityWoka, well, was, until he got banished for posing as a City Worker. He claimed to be Superid, to be exact. Next, ilgreen came into the room and said that he was a City Worker, too. Finally, CityHal44 came in and started telling people that he was City Hall. We all know City Hall is a GIRL, right? And we most certainly should know that ALL City Workers wear the special City Worker beanie. The City Worker beanie looks like this hat here:

If someone is not wearing this hat and they claim to be a City Worker, they are a poser and they need to be reported right away. No matter what they tell you, they are lying and you should not believe them, no matter what. Because the sooner that these people get their IP banned, the better, right? These people will do anything for free clams. These things include:

- Lying to you and saying you swore or said something bad. They will say that you need to give them a 30 clam fine. DO NOT send them ANYTHING. 911 that. Because when City Hall fines you, they take the clams from you without saying you need to send it to them.

- Telling you that you need to give them your password so they can check your account for fraud or 911 reports that you were punished for.

- Telling you that you need to pay them because they're a City Worker.

- Telling you that you need to give them your password and you can trust them.

First of all, the City Workers never ask for passwords. Second, City Workers do not demand clams for their services. They do it for the kids of the world.

Beware of these posers! They will try to get you for everything you have, they simply don't care. This is the picture of someone who is not a City Worker.

Notice the one major difference between my WaII3 account and City Hall's account: WaII3 has no City Worker beanie, and CityHall does! So if someone walks up to you and tells you that they're a City Worker, you should already know if they're telling the truth or not. Look for that special beanie! That's all it takes to be able to keep Whyville safe. Don't just 911 report everyone who isn't wearing a beanie; that just gets you in trouble. Try just evening it out between the ones who pose as CityHall or a City Worker in general. Be safe, and don't give them anything but a 911 report, because that's all it takes to save your naive friend's account, a Newbie who may not know anything about Whyville, or even yourself! You might be gullible enough to believe that they're an actual City Worker.

Hopefully after reading this article, you have some good ideas of who to 911 report, and how to tell someone's bluff if you decide to use cheats on the Chat Test. Remember, only you can prevent fake City Workers from getting away with their scams.

Monet1616, off to wrap her knee in an ace wrap.

Author's Note: All of those fake City Workers were banished today thanks to the help of other Whyvillians in the act of 911 reporting them. Those 3 Whyvillians know who they are. Please do not post about the Vote DarkFireV signs, those are only to get the wall noticed.


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