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You are chatting away at the deserted playground with your new friend you just met on Whyville. You are a girl and your new friend is a girl. You are discussing personal details because you think this girl is your friend . . . but what lies behind their computer?

Let's say your new best friend's user name is qutiepieX3, let's see how the conversation goes.

qutiepieX3: So, a/s/l?
You: 16/female/California/! You?
qutiepieX3: Oh er umm, I'm 15/female/Texas! So, where in California are you from? Like what's your address? You know I can't come there because I'm all the way in Texas!
You: Oh yeah, well I guess you're right, I live on 123 Apple St.
qutiepieX3: That's pretty cool, so what's your phone number? Maybe I can call you and we can chat!
You: Well I guess that would be kinda cool, okay my phone number is 1-800-123-123!
qutiepieX3: Cool I'll give you a call later . . . are your parents home?
You: No. Hey since you're my friend and stuff, wanna see the pictures of me that I posted on line?
qutiepieX3: Oh definitely, cause you know, then I could like see what you look like and, well yeah that would be cool!
You: Okay! Do you have any pictures of yourself?
qutiepieX3: Erm, no . . . My parents won't let me. Oh by the way . . . what is your full name?
You: Oh, my name is Carlee Carleeson!
qutiepieX3: Awesome name! Okay, I'm calling you right now since your 'rents aren't home, I don't wanna call when they are ,cause you know how they would go all uncool about this right?
You: Yeah, you're right, good idea!

The phone rings and you answer.


A man's voice answers you back.

"Carlee Carleeson? This is qutiepieX3 . . . I know where you live. I know your parents aren't home. And I know that you won't call the cops because I am already outside of your house, and you won't want anyone to see those pictures of yourself on line.

I think you can figure out what happens next. You don't know who you are talking to online so don't give out any personal information.

None of this story was true but it could happen. Don't believe me? Maybe you should check out this book.

Title: Dear Jo
Author: Christina Kilbourne
Price: $9.95 at Amazon
Quick Summary: Maxine and her best friend Leah would always chat online. They would make online relationships and lie about their age. Until one day Leah went missing.

You can read the first chapter of this book on Amazon On line Reader. Stay safe on the Internet.


Author's Note: Carlee Carleeson, the address, and phone number was all false information. None of it was real.


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