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Create A Doodle: Realistic

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So, my last "Create A Doodle" article taught you how to make "cartoonish" doodles. This week I will be showing you how to make more realistic looking doodles. So sit back, relax, and doodle!

Okay, first of all, you will need to draw a head, or your whole drawing will just be some floating face parts. The head shape should be more oval shaped but rounded. If it helps you could draw the shape of a cross then draw the head shape around it.

After you finish the head, draw on the eyebrows. This is probably the hardest step because you need to make them even. To help, draw a line across the forehead then from there draw the eyebrows over top. After you get the shape of eyebrows you want erase the line.

Next comes the eyes. Don't make them totally round because then it won't look realistic; make them more slanted. For the inside of the eye draw a bigger circle, then inside that one draw the pupil, and color it in. Inside the pupil draw a very small circle and leave it blank. This gives the impression that the eye looks real. For eyelashes, draw curved lines on the top of the eye, and going halfway at the bottom.

Now for the nose. No we are not going to exactly "pick" our nose as we would do in Whyville, but draw it on instead. Draw a slightly curved line coming down from the eyebrow, do not connect it to the eyebrow though. Once you get it as long as you would like the nose to be, draw a little "c" shape on the left side to make the nostril.

For the mouth you can do lips, or a smile. For lips, just draw them as you normally would do. For a smile, draw the upper lip as a line that has a bump in the middle. For the bottom lip, craw a smaller curved line.

After you draw the mouth, it's time to give your drawing a neck and body. First draw the neck. Make sure it's not to small or to big. Then draw the upper body. Make the shoulders and the chest area. To get a better idea of what it should look like, check out my examples. If you are terrible at making hands like I am, make the arms sticking behind the back. For the legs make sure they aren't to short and add some shoes. For the clothing you can make it anyway you want. If you want to show kind of wrinkles or whatever in the clothing just make some lines.

Ah now it's time for the hair! You can make it anyway you want. You can draw really short hair, long and flowy hair, a mohawk, anything! For highlights, just use a darker pencil crayon, or press harder with your pencil. If you want ears just draw two half circles below the eye, on the side of the head, and inside draw the number "7" shape.

Drawing realistic isn't as easy as making cartoon doodles, so practice a lot and you should get the hang of it. As you can see my realistic doodles still look "cartoonish".

You can draw the pictures in pencil. I only drew them in pen because my computer won't scan them on in pencil.

Well that's all for this week! Next week I am thinking about doing animals!


Author's Note: Sorry that the examples are all separate images. My computer wouldn't scan them all on as a normal sheet of paper.


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