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Secret Contest

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Secret Contest

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Hey, it's me... but I won't reveal who I am until I find a winner.

I really never go to the Playground and Pool Party because there are always so many people there. Sometimes I so go, but then I run into people who are really rude.

To at least try to make Whyville a better place, I am holding a contest. The contest is... well, it's really hard to explain, but I want to see how people treat other people they never normally meet. I never go to any of the chat rooms and I want to see how people will talk to me. I am not revealing my name because then people will be nice to me because they know who I am.

No one knows me now. I used to have friends on Whyville but when Whyville started to get busy most of them quit. So, I am going to try to make new friends and see who is nice.

I know there shouldn't be a contest over who is the nicest, but I also know I hate when I compliment someone on their hair or outfit and they say mean stuff back to me. Now come on people, I was being nice!! Anyway I want to do this because I have a lot of clams and I would like to share with someone that deserves it, not just people that beg for it.

This is for everyone, and I hope you all consider this: BE NICE TO EVERYONE, YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS WATCHING OR WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO.

Well I'm outty now, but I will be back in a week to reveal the results. Thanks for reading this!




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