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Whenever I'm eating soup, cereal, applesauce, or anything of the sort, I use a spoon, and I would hope you do too. Spoons are essential items to use for some food. Those hard, shiny, metal things you use to eat with. Such a simple utensil in our everyday lives, yet so confusing.

Spoons. What can I say about spoons? You may think they're a useful tool. Yes, they are quite useful, but there's just so much to wonder about them. Why is your reflection always upside down in a spoon?, Why when combined with the fork, does it form the spork and not the foon?, and last but not least, How do they get so darn shiny? Folks, get ready to find out all the information you need to know about the one, the only, the spoon.

First we go to interviews.

Morgan612: Why is your reflection always upside down in a spoon?

Roseekat: Because when you look into a spoon you are normally holding upside down so it is obvious how this chain of events will play out.
Peeta: Because some guy had his whole face flipped up-side-down, and he wanted to look normal. So, he made himself look normal in the reflection of a spoon!
Katlrvr11: Because if it showed it the right way, it would be a mirror! Who wants to eat with a mirror? You'd totally cut up your mouth.
Sims2girl: Because, whoever invented the metal spoon was really REALLY ugly. So ugly, in fact, that the only way they could stand to look at themselves was upside-down. Hence, we have the spoon.

Morgan612: Why when combined with the fork, does it form the spork and not the foon?

Jephrey2: Because who would wanna be like HEY GUYS I'M EATING MY YOGURT WITH A FOON?
KirsKooki: Because spork rhymes with fork, therefore making it fun to say. Really now, who wants an un-fun spork?
Katluvr11: Well, if it was the foon, kids with a lisp wouldn't have any words to practice speaking with! The whole spoon not sthpoon thing really helps them out!
Roseekat: Because if you were to call something a foon it would sound unappetizing and would make you not want to eat anything but with the name spork its just like "OMG THATS SO CALL I WANT TO EAT THAT, YO"

Morgan612: How do spoons get so shiny?

KirsKooki: Dog is man's best friend. Dishwasher is spoon's best friend. Enough said.
Katluvr11: People lick them so much! Duhhhh
Sims2girl: Remember the ugly metal-spoon-inventing guy? Well, he was extremely conceited. Even though he broke several mirrors before hitting on the 'spoon' method, he couldn't stand not to see his reflection.
OhBunnies: Magic, pixie wings, and a little troll tooth.

Aha! Just as I suspected. You're reflection is upside down in a spoon thanks to some ugly guy. Well . . . possibly. Spoons have been around for a long, long, long time. So long that it's kind of impossible to know who invented the spoon. Which would also make it impossible to know if he was really ugly, or if he had an upside down face, so I'm not entirely sure if it your reflection is upside down for a reason. All I know is, the curved part reflects light differently than if it were flat, and when the light bounces back, it isn't straight, and wah lah, an upside down you! Now to research the sporks.

According to my research, sporks have been made since the late 1800s and although are usually referred to as sporks, the term foon is sometimes used. There isn't a particular reason that sporks are called sporks and not foons, just that it combines the word spoon and fork, and it might just sound cooler. But whoever invented it was probably thinking, why not kill two birds with one stone and help kids with a lisp?

Now, the shininess of spoons is not an easy thing to figure out. How they get just the right amount of shininess is a question to be pondered forever. Nobody exactly knows what they use to shine those spoons up, maybe it's a *gasp* secret. Or maybe it's magic.

Now that you know everything you'll ever need to know about spoons, thanks for reading, this has been another . . . "Yes Mom! I am going to clean my room! Fine Mom, I'm coming."


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