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Hello fellow Whyvillians, this is pupdog10 in with some great news. The Scion Jukebox is here! Yes, that's right, Whyville listened to the petitions and made it possible to have music in scions!

The jukebox was added to Whyville on Friday, August 29, 2008. To access the jukebox, go to the airfield and click on the big sign under that chat screen that says "CREATE YOUR OWN TUNE FOR THE SCION JUKEBOX!"

Once you click the box with tantalizingly large orange letters, you are sent to page that says "Music Maker: Intro" at the top.

So what is this all about? How can you use it? To get started, visit either a Group Studio, or a Private studio. In the group studio, you can compose songs with your friends. In the private studio, you can create your masterpiece alone if you wish to have complete control over it.

You can choose from drums, bass, chords, and fill-in samples to create your song. When you're musical taste is satisfied, you can click "Save". If you want to give it a shot at being the next big hit, you can spend just 25 clams a week to publish your song to the Jukebox for others to play in their scions.

In addition, you can take a look at songs that others have made by going to the Top Whytunes page. Once there, you can listen to and review the most popular and highest rated songs on Whyville. If have already created and saved songs of your own and would like to manage your catalog, visit the Manage Whytunes area.

So, now you know what's going on, let's get an idea of how to work this new creation.

The Buttons

Group Studio Button: Allows you to create music with friends in groups. Once inside, you choose a Drum, Bass, and Chord sound. Afterward you can choose any other sounds to throw in by selecting icons from the bottom of the screen. The fill-in icons are labels 1-30.

Private Studio Button: Same thing as the group studio, but only you may create in the Private studio, instead of a group.

Top Whytunes Button: Once you click this button, you are sent to a room with a bunch of songs that have titles, which you can sample or play. This also displays the artists, the times the song has been played, and the song's ratings. Once here, you can also search through songs and artists. Off of this page, you may access four more options. The Top Sellers, New Arrivals, Top Rated, and Most Advertised are all located at the top of the Top Whytunes Page.

Back on the main page, there is on last button.

Manage Whytunes Button: When you go to the Manage Whytunes Page you can, just as the page link says, manage your Whytunes.

Well, there's the good news, and the helpful hints on how to work this creation.

This is pupdog10, off to go create songs.


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