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Expressing Yourself Through Face Parts

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Expressing Yourself Through Face Parts

unknown author
Fashion Writer

Hello, wonderful fellow Whyvillians. I am writing to you on a very important subject. I entered the Pool Party one evening and some people were making fun of a girl with terrifically original face parts and original style. Let me tell you something, people, to meet a person with the courage to stand out and express him or her self with face parts is very rare to find these days.

Some people think blondes are everything. You cannot tell me that there aren't a lot of blondes in Whyville. I think being blonde is fine, but I think being unique is even cooler.

Have variety in your appearance! Take advantage of life and the choice of so many face parts! I would like to introduce to some of the most creative and imaginative people who stand up for what they believe in: originality.

Dumblonde is a friend of mine; she owns her own company, which she tries to represent her style with. She has done a good job at that. I look her up sometimes to just admire her originality. Almost every other day I see her different style in city records. She is a fascinating person with the fashion of a brave person who doesn't care what people think of her.

Lychee, who owns Lychee Co., has very very original and rare style. The other day I saw here with a multi-color short hairdo. It was awesome! I must admit that I have looked for the hair she has worn and haven't found it yet.

Joanna, whom a lot of you know, is one of my very good friends. She has always been there for me when I have asked her to make a part for me. She has something about her that just stands out. Probably her style. I can't even begin to describe her. I just admire the fabulous things she makes and wears.

Another very creative person is xxfreakxx. Now, he wears dread locks. OK, that to me is a brave awesome thing cause some people discriminate against that. I on the other hand think that is cool and people should try to see that it doesn't matter what you wear, as long as it's what you like and aren't afraid!



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