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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate this very popular and special occasion, a whole slew of brand new Valentine's Day stuff is coming out in Whyville.

The Ye Olde Projectile Shoppe is coming out with a whole line of Valentine Projectiles. Instead of pelting your friends with snowballs and water balloons this week, throw them something sweet. There's also a special edition item at the Furniture Farm as well. So don't forget to visit the Bazaar this week.

And following the grand old tradition of Valentine's Day Cards, you can now send valentines to your Whyville friends! You know that door at your house that has just been doing nothing all this time? Well, there's finally a use for it. Simply stop by the door of a friend's house and click anywhere on or around the door to buy, design, and place a valentine!

What's more, each and every valentine card that you send will also be eligible for the Valentine's Card Contest. Browse through the collection and vote by choosing the "Valentine" link under Myville in the Bus Menu.

To save you some energy walking around Myville on foot delivering cards, City Hall has kindly retained Sergio the cab driver to be the new Myville Taxi Service. He's parked right outside the Land Office, at the new panoramic view overlooking Myville. Drop by and say hello to Sergio!

Last but not least, we have new articles right here in the Whyville Times as well: a report on our Room Contest Winner, a Valentine's Day Special from Vanilla, as well as interviews by Alicia and Tech-Girl.

Boy, this is a lot of stuff! Happy Valentine's Day!


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