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Holiday Contest Winners

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Holiday Contest Winners

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Well. Lilbeaut here, and finally I have decided who the winner is from my Holiday Happenings writing contest.

First off, I'd like to say that it was almost IMPOSSIBLE trying to judge these. They were sooo good! You all know that I can only pick one... even though I'd like to pick all of them. No joke! Since they were all so good and I can see they put so much time into it, I'm going to put all of the authors in here because they all deserve to have some credit.

In 11th place is hotness01
In 10th place is Chalka125
In 9th place is angel1170
In 8th place is Bahamas
In 7th place is roomily
In 6th place is bettyjoe
In 5th place is monkeytrbl
In 4th place is magick
In 3rd place is LL55/hottchild (I wasn't sure which one she wanted me to use.)
In 2nd place is Clairbare
And finally, in 1st place is ...

And get ready...

1st place is... 00shaft! Congratulations!

Good job everyone. It truly was impossible to judge. I finally had to get another person (my brother) to help me judge and these are the results. You don't like them, get mad at him. LOL, just kidding.

You all did wonderfully but there is only one first place. 00shaft's was the one that touched my heart the most. Happy Holidays!

As for publishing his story here... um... well. I deleted the story after I asked 00shaft's permission to publish it and he said no. I would have included it otherwise. It really was great!




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