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A Registration Too Far?

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A Registration Too Far?

Guest Writer

Hey Whyvillians, I know a lot of people are tired of not being able to get on Whyville. Part of the problem is that so many people get accounts but never get on, and it uses up Whyville's "juice."

The more accounts that Whyville has to keep up with, takes up more and more juice. So, as a suggestion, if you're not serious about getting on Whyville, spare some people a lot of time and don't get an extra account.

I'm out...



Note from City Hall: We appreciate the thought, but it's actually not how many total people have registered on Whyville that's the problem. Our computers can remember how many users we have just fine. It's the number of people who are actually come on at the same time that makes things tough.

All the people chatting, looking in the satchels, checking their ledgers and such overloads our computer. If we didn't limit the number, our server would crash, and the database might get corrupted and Whyvillians would lose their precious possessions.

The only way to solve this problem is for us to make some money, real dollars not clams. That's why we are now offering Why-Passes, which allow citizens to support Whyville AND get on without having to wait. Without Why-Passes, everybody would have to wait, and eventually we'd run out of money, and then there wouldn't be any Whyville to wait for!

Why-Passes can only help our community -- they allow us to buy servers, pay our workers, and do all the things that we want to do for Whyville but just don't otherwise have the money for.

Thank you for your support, everyone.

City Hall



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