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A Day to Remember

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A Day to Remember

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Hi! I'm Becky78, I live in Georgia USA. Many people witnessed the crashes, felt the "boom", and miss those lost on September 11. How many of us stopped to realize how this would affect others? I admit that I thought about myself, but also about others. Mostly about others, really, and how they would be affected. I was scared... my grandfather lives in Massachussetts. He is retired, but drives people to airports, and many other places. Thank god he wasn't in New York that day. He is there a lot.

My grandmother and grandfather said that they could see the smoke from the towers.

You hear how newscasters and politicians say, "Never Forget." No offense to anyone, but who will let you forget about what happened? It's not like I want to forget, but I can still remember what I was thinking at 8:45 AM. I thought, "I wonder what everyone else in the world is doing." I never in my wildest dreams thought thousands of people were about to die.

Life is crazy enough to throw these kind of obstacles in front of you. But we will survive. Please do whatever you can to help! I know they have started to send relief money to the families most affected, but you can still donate. It never hurts...

There is yet another issue I must get off my chest. They destroyed the rest of the Twin Towers about a week or two ago. I understand they need to get it level to build again, but why do they have to rebuild it? Where will the children go to mourn? Where will the husbands and wives go? Many people don't want to go back. But, inside, they must.

What can they do to make it all better? They can't make it better, not really, but they must remember.

This is making me cry so, let me go get some Puffs with aloe... Becky78 off to get Puffs... l8er.



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