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Create A Doodle: Abstract

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Now, I bet you're wondering how in the world I am going to show you how to draw abstract, because no one can teach a person how to draw abstract stuff! Well guess what, you're right. I am not going to teach you steps on drawing abstract, more like help you to get your imagination flowing. So again I shall say my catch phrase, "Sit back, relax, and doodle!"

Abstract art can be based a lot on emotions. Let's say you're feeling really frustrated. Instead of running around screaming and pulling your hair out, grab a blank piece of paper and some markers and just scribble. Once you stop your scribbling, take a look at what you have just drawn, chances are it will look pretty weird but that's okay! You can even try outline your scribbles like I have done in the picture below.

Abstract is such a bizarre, yet deep type of art form, most times an abstract drawing means something. You can just have one dot on a paper, and somehow in your mind, it cam symbolize your entire life.

Try this. Get a blank piece of paper, and some highlighters or markers. Splatter the ink over the paper. If there is a glob of ink, blow on it really hard and all the ink will move in different directions. See how it turns out? It could give someone the impression that you are really confused about something. To another person, it could mean that they are broken-hearted. It all depends on the person and the way you look at it. What does it say to you?

Abstract art can even be a person! You can have upside down noses, red ears, beard coming out of the ears ANYTHING! It could even look like something a two year old drew and it will still be considered artistic. Does this face look kinda like a monkey to you?

Abstract can be anything, but I believe it has to come from inside you.

I don't know about you, but I think that this symbol is abstract. It seems no one truly knows what it means. Do you think that we can ever figure this out as a world?


Author's Note: I really need some ideas for the next "Create A Doodle" article. If you have any suggestions on what you would like me to draw, y-mail me!


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