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Is Music Changing

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Lately, popularity of music has been changing. The popularity of iPods and other MP3 players has increased greatly. People are realizing that they don't have to listen to whatever pops up on the radio. Some bands are becoming more popular. Our musical tastes change. I decided to interview some Whyvillians to see what they thought about the popularity of music.

7stars: Does popularity make you like a band less? Why?

HP001: Popularity doesn't really matter to me. What matters is if the band is actually GOOD and some popular bands aren't very good.
Storm2696: Popularity makes me like a band more because most of the time when they're more popular they write more songs.
flipmania: No, it doesn't. I think just because other people don't like someone doesn't mean I should hate them too.

7stars: Do you listen to the radio or your own music collection more?

HP001: I listen to the radio more, but I like my collection of music better.
Storm2696: I tend to listen to the radio more lately because it won't, like, run out of batteries on you if you use it to long.
flipmania: Probably the radio.

7stars: Do you listen to the same music as most of your friends?

HP001: Yes, most of my friends listen to the same music I do. I usually find out about cool music from my friends.
Storm2696: Yes, yes I do.
flipmania: Yes, a lot of my friends like the type of music I listen to and we like to dance to it. :D

7stars: Do you try listening to music that you haven't heard before? How often?

HP001: I try to but mostly I listen to music by artists that I know.
Storm2696: Yes, I try to do that often but sadly I really don?t.
flipmania: Yes, I do because I like learning new songs and artists, probably half the time online.

7stars: Would you say you have a unique taste in music?

HP001: I would say I have a unique taste in music because I like songs that are really weird. Maybe that's because I'm weird.
Storm2696: Not really. I listen to same old same old stuff, but I guess kinda because most of the stuff I like people find a little STRANGE!
flipmania: Maybe, I'm not sure.

So there you have it. The radio is still popular. Let's face it; it's much easier to turn on the radio than to load up an MP3 player with songs. Popularity may or may not matter to different people. We all have different tastes in music, but maybe that's because we're all different. In general, we change, and yet stay the same.



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