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The Unknown Caller: Part 2

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Author's Note: Please read the first part of this short story before continuing to the second part. Without knowing the first part it will be hard to understand the second part! Article ID #9056, "The Unknown Caller". Sorry, that I took so long. I forgot all about this article, but now I'd like to continue it! Enjoy reading!

The room remained silent for a while and then Joey stood, preparing to speak.

"What's going on here, Bob?"

"I'm not really sure, someone just bluntly called telling me they were going to commit suicide!"

"Do you think you know who it is?" asked Samantha in a small voice.

"Yes, I have a couple people in mind."

I rushed back to the phone, calling anyone I knew that had that voice. I first dialed my mom's friend's house, hoping for an answer.

"HELLO?" said my mom, she always had a loud voice.

"Mom, are you okay, did you just call?" I asked, shaking at my feet and hands.

"Why, no dear. Why? Is something wrong? Do you need me to come home?"

"No, I'm fine. Someone just eagerly called, talking about suicide and I want to find out who it was!"

"It wasn't me, try your sister, she has so many things going on now."

"I guess so" I replied.

Even though my sister has very many problems, she's not the suicide type. But who knows. Being in a panic state, I forgot her number. I tried to think back, and then suddenly remembered. I dialed the number constantly having to start over because of my shaky hands dialing the wrong numbers.

There was no answer. No answer.

"Sorry, this phone has been disconnected for unknown reasons, please re-dial and try your call again."

I tried her phone again, I knew it was the right number. The rest of my friends were eagerly pushed up against my shoulder and back. They too wanted to get to the bottom of this. I was panicking, it had to be her!

Again no answer, but the disconnection response.

"Samantha, we have to go to my sister's apartment. It's her summer break, something must be terribly wrong!"

"What about us!" asked Joey.

"Guys, stay here and wait for my moms safe return, if one gets into trouble, call me as soon as possible!"

We rushed out the door like pelicans on a beach shore.

"Are you okay?" asked Samantha.

I had no time to respond. We rushed to my car and continued to my sister's apartment.

"I hope we make it." said Samantha.

There was nothing but silence till we reached her apartment.

"We're here!'


Author's Note: Who is the unknown caller? Is Bob's sister ok? Maybe she is the unknown caller, but who knows? You will soon, tune in next week! Write in the BBS who YOU believe it is, and maybe describe why.


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