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Taking Out the Trash

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To some people, it's that brown icky stuff that tastes terrible. To others, it's a delicious treat that provides a burst of energy. Let's see what some of the Whyville locals think!

Wicked777: Have you ever tried coffee?

max216: Yes.
sK8ThOtT: Yeah. That stuff tastes bad if it ain't got a lot of cream and sugar.
ducky464: Yes I have.
8Dlol: I have tried coffee because I wanted to see what it tasted like because I've seen a lot of people drinking it so I tried it.

Wicked777: How often do you drink coffee?

max216: Not a lot.
sK8ThOtT: Man I drink coffee a lot, but cappuccinos are better.
ducky464: I very seldom drink coffee. I only have it in the winter when its cold out, and if it's french vanilla flavored.
8Dlol: Well, I don't drink it usually, but I drink it about once or twice a week.

Wicked777: Why do you like/dislike coffee?

max216: I dislike it. I don't know why. It tastes funny.
sK8ThOtT: Well let me see . . . it's good I guess.
ducky464: I like coffee because it gives you an energy boost, and makes you warm and toasty when you're cold.
8Dlol: I like it kinda because the taste is like really tasty. But I don't want to drink too much and become like really messed up.

Well, as for me . . . I was little. I was curious. I practically gagged. Never tried the stuff since! From time to time though, I use coffee filters for other purposes. The end result usually looks like it's been snowing indoors, but occasionally something comes along that isn't just "modern art."

Filter Flower

Get 3-4 filters and decorate them however you want to. Place one on top of the other, and poke a green pipe cleaner through their center. Make sure to twist the pipe cleaner back over, so that the sharp edge wont stick out. For the petals, you can cut a design along the edges of the coffee filters, rip little pieces out of them, or crinkle them up and smooth them out. To add leaves to the flower, just bend the pipe cleaner. Give one to a friend, or make a bouquet for your window ledge.

Ice Coffee

Fold the coffee filter down the middle into fourths, eighths, or sixteenths. Get out your scissors and snip away - cut out little shapes in the middle of the coffee filter, but make sure not to let the shapes touch each other or the edges. When you unfold it, you'll have a snowflake! Try using markers and glitter glue to give it personality, or go with watercolors for a tie-dye effect. Then make a few and suspend them from the ceiling, so that you can go walking in a winter wonderland all year round!

Mocha Monster

With Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to try this out! Take a lollipop and cover it with one or two coffee filters (depending on how thick they are). Use a ribbon or a rubber band to hold them in place just below the candy part - the silhouette will look like a ghost! Use a pen to draw on a silly face, and you're ready to go!

Credit for this week's idea goes to lisaann3. If you want your idea in my next article, send me a y-mail. The winner will get a free face part from the store Scavenger's at Akbar's Face Mall.

"I have measured out my life with coffee spoons."


Author's Note: Quote by T. S. Eliot


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