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Our Individuality

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Our Individuality

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Hey Zoey100 here.

A few weeks ago, the Times had a lot of articles about individuality. I think that's great. I know a lot of people -- in and out of Whyville -- are blond just because that's supposed to look pretty, and be "in".

Well, the people who are my friends and I know on Whyville aren't always like that. Especially not me. I almost never wear blond hair. It's always red or brown or orange or blue or something weird and different. Cuz that's who I want to be. Different.

Sure I have blue eyes, but I've always had those eyes and I always wear them. And these one lips I've had forever. But I can't find another I love. They're a part of me.

A few times I've even gone different colors. A few times a red body, once blue, and I want to try white and black and the other colors there too.

I also make clothes. A few aren't that great, but I'm getting better. I didn't go with most of the "trends". Like the pacifier trend I thought wuz weird, the bubble wuz odd, and the wings were kinda cool. When I first joined Whyville, wings were cool. And I saved for 2 weeks to get some wings so I could be "cool". But if I had joined when I realized it didn't matter if I bought them, I wouldn't have.

I think newbies are great. They don't know any better so they wear whatever they can get and it makes new and cool things. Whenever a newbie asks, "Can I have some clams?", I ALWAYS give them like 50. I want to see what they will buy. In a few days I will look at them and see if I can get any new ideas from them.

Newbies are also nice. I forget his name, but just when I started to always give to newbies I gave to this one guy and thought nothing of it. Then a few weeks later I was invited to his wedding. That's what made me realize that giving to newbies would actually broaden my horizons on Whyville.

Ok, now I'm off the idea, but my point is, I think individuality is awesome. If you are green I'll say to you, that is so cool, where did you get that? But if you look the same I'm NOT gonna say, OMG, you look like everyone else, you are so lame! Maybe the person likes looking that way, or they just wanna be the normal cool. But that's ok to me, I'm not offended, and I hope no one else is. And when I am a different color and someone says a nasty comment to me, I jus reply, just because you don't like it and think it's weird doesn't mean that's gonna change MY mind.

Well I guess that's it, so, signing off is Zoey100. Now, time for bed! LoL.





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