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My Views On Music: Beautiful

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I'm so sick of people. People who claim to be passionate for music. I shouldn't be judging, but sometimes people just don't live up to what they claim to be. If you're truly passionate for music, you'll get it - every form of music is beautiful.

I'm not an easily offended type of person. You can call me ugly, you can make fun of the things I wear or the way I talk or who I hang out with. None of that stuff really bothers me, I'll think worse of you for saying it, but other than that, I'll let it roll off my shoulders. But when you insult my music - oh, you've gone too far.

Sometimes people will say certain genres aren't music. Rap and screamo are the most popular genres people like to say that about. Just because you don't like a genre doesn't make it not music. Who are you to decide if something is music or not? Of course rap and screamo are music! If it has instruments creating a sound, whether you like that sound or not, it's still music!

I've taken music classes before, and though I didn't realize it at the time, they really helped me appreciate all forms of music. They taught me that the music we have here today would never have been here if it weren't for the music before it. Christian bands would have never been accepted if it weren't for artists like Stryper and Petra. Although I don't love those bands, I owe so much to them for paving the paths for the amazing bands I listen to today.

It's pretty rare when I actually don't like a song. A lot of songs won't stick out to me, and I'll just pass them by, but I don't know if there's any song I actually hate. It's okay to prefer a certain kind of music over another, but does that mean you hate the other kind of music? No, it's just not your first choice. Some songs I am sick of, and I'll be like "oh, I hate that song." just because it's so over-played, but I'm just sick of it. I liked it at one point, so I can't hate it now. And there's a few songs that will be a little annoying and repetitive, but to hate it? I don't know how people do it.

From classical music and jazz, to punk and rock, it's all beautiful in their own sense. Just sit there one day listen to it. Listen to the words, listen to the instruments, let the beauty of it soak in. Doesn't it just give you chills?



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