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Create A Doodle: Dots

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Hmmmm . . . what to draw this week . . . I know! I will teach you how to draw pictures using dots. Now, sit back, relax, and tip the chair over and fall! Wait -- no, that's not right . . . what I meant to say was sit back, relax, and fall forwards! Wait, that wasn't it either. Oh just forget it, keep reading!

Time to show you how to draw pictures using dots.

Now, you can't exactly just draw a picture with dots and nothing else. What you should do first is draw lightly with pencil, the outline of what it is you want turned into a piece of "dot artwork". Here is my sketch of an owl. Now I am pressing really hard just so it will show up on the scanner, but when you try this press very lightly. Keep in mind that this is only the sketch and does not have to be perfect!

Next, if you have any eyes on your picture, color them in because it would look a little odd if there were a bunch of dots in the eyes.

Now comes the dots. I suggest to use ink or marker for this, because it won't work well with pencil crayons. Inside your sketch, make a lot of dots close together, do this to your whole image. Use whatever color you want. Let's say you are drawing grass, use green not blue. Get the idea? But you really have to make sure that the dots are all close together because it will look tres etrange (that is the french word for really strange) if there are big gaps in it. If there is white in the image, leave it white then. There is no point in using white dots. In my case, I chose to draw a mostly white owl, because it would take forever to draw and I just want to give you an idea.

Once you are done with all your dots, erase the pencil lines. Even if the marker covers them up, they are still there and noticeable if the light hits it.

Dot drawings take a very long time to draw so don't get frustrated. Now before you go talk about how bad of a dot drawing this was in the BBS, I just wanted to give you an idea, and they take extremely long, it took me 15 minutes or more just to get done what I have in my finished product. If you want, you can also do lines for things like branches as I have done in my finished product.

Well that's all for this week! And please be respectful when giving constructive criticism in the BBS. Oh yes, a big thanks to subway101 with the idea of doing dot artwork! Applause, applause! *Fading out*, *screen goes dark*, and it's over!



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