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R.I.P. New Year's Resolutions

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R.I.P. New Year's Resolutions

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So 2002 is here, and maybe this year, the world will find the missing peace in the puzzle of life (no pun intended!). But on a more personal note, did you have New Year's resolutions? What were they? Have you kept them so far? Will you keep them?

The people that I know that have resolutions have not managed to keep them. My neighbour hasn't lost a single pound that he hasn't regained. My friend's dad hasn't exactly given up that chocolate cake (or two) that he said he would cut down on. My hair dresser still has a smoke a day even though she said she'd quit. Sound familiar? I have a question. Why are all of these adults trying to give things up? It's insane!!

My New Year's Resolutions are no longer. They are now my everyday resolutions. During the last week of my winter holidays, I realized how short life really was, and how you can't give things up!! So... I have spent the last couple of weeks making my every day Resolutions.

My goal is to accomplish as many things as I can in the year 2002. I made a list of all of the interesting things I can do, and I'd like to share some with you, because my list had over 200 different things.

Turn of the TV for a day... Try Sushi... Write a letter to a political person (mayor, prime minister, president)... Have a rainbow week: wear red one day, orange the next and so on for a week... Go out to breakfast on a school day... Learn a new sport... Donate my allowance to charity... Do my sister's chores for a week... Fold the laundry for mom... Pack lunch for dad... Write a song... Make up a new holiday and celebrate it... Write down where you'll be in the year 2030... Celebrate your half birthday. The list goes on and on and on!

So, I think that every citizen in Whyville needs a list of Every Day resolutions, because it's no fun to give up the good stuff in life! I needed a change. You may need the clams! I am giving 75 clams to the person who sends me the most original list of Every Day Resolutions. Two runners up will receive 50 clams a pop, and all winners will receive a free car of their choice!

Make sure that when you send in your list (it must include over 10 things to do) you include your username and that the subject is Every Day Resolutions.

Thanx for your time, and I hope you have as much fun with your resolutions as I'm having with mine!

This giggler01, signing off and going to do something interesting.



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